This is an addendum to the “Amalgamated Waterworks” show.

It seems that Google is now disappearing the term “America’s Senior Comedian.” Google had earlier been disappearing the term “Capta Brightstick Document,” but I publicly caught them in a trap, causing them to undisappear that term within five minutes. (That constitutes one of my war stories. I’m pretty sure that I am the only American comedian to have his work disappeared by Google, which is the corporate face of the NSA, which is the civilian arm of the Pentagon.) So thanks for the street cred.

This document should be searchable by Google, especially since this blog is set to immediately inform various search engines of the creation of a new document. But if you do a Google search for the term “America’s Senior Comedian,” this document will not be returned as a hit. (Unless, of course, the NSA immediately undisappears the term within five minutes, as they did with the Capta Brightstick Document.) Nor will the term be returned as part of my two successive shows.

I have two successive shows after this one, both of which I need entered into the legal record, their having been disappeared notwithstanding: and

See, we’re all engaged in a game of touch pee pee around here. I do my shows and my audience enjoy them. But no one has ever acknowledged my existence, much less bought a ticket at any time over the past ten years. So I don’t mind abruptly changing venues. All of my one paying customers are duly apprised of my new venue.

So Google is playing a game of attempting to deny to future audience members the knowledge that the term “America’s Senior Comedian” is still searchable and leads to my other shows.

I want that to end. I want the term “America’s Senior Comedian” undisappeared.

I need the contents of those two successive shows entered into the legal record. There is important material there, including my granting of limited power of attorney for various limited purposes, to include the lodging of civil suits against United States.

Thank you, and nice try.