Judge, I’ve decided that your guild might benefit from some computer training.

At one of the fifteen-odd colleges at which I have been a student, I studied the discipline known as Digital Design. Digital Design is the field of study of designing computers and other digital devices like, say, CD players and digital cameras. Every last digital appliance you ever purchased was engineered by someone with training in digital design.

When instructing students in some practical undertaking like Digital Design, the professor will generally select a simple task toward which all studies contribute. He will task his class to construct some simple device whose design employs all the principles covered in the curriculum. One such simple device might be the common, hand-held digital voice recorder. That device employs audio circuits, memory circuits, analog-to-digital circuits, and digital-to analog circuits.

But there is one, often overlooked circuit: the sanity checker.

You know how your smartphone sometimes acts stupid? Or your computer locks up? Those conditions can occur not necessarily because of a hardware fault, but because of logic violations. Those logic violations can result from poor programming practices or even from cosmic rays. Sometimes satellites need to be put into a safe mode when there’s a solar storm or whatever. The point is, digital devices sometimes go insane. That’s an actual word of art within the digital design field.

A sanity checker, then, is a circuit which is included in the design of the device that periodically checks that the other circuits are sane. When circuits go insane, their outputs make no sense. By methods with which I will not now bore you by describing, that sanity checker detects this nonsensical output and it applies a signal to all circuits, resetting them to a known state. It’s essentially a reboot. That is why your smartphone sometimes reboots itself. Its internal sanity checker worked flawlessly by detecting various logic violations and it then issued a reset command.

Your jurisdiction is totally insane, just so you know. Can you guess what my role here is?

(Incidentally, it’s a bit rich, don’t you think, that the Justice Department reached into their grab bag of allegations and questioned my sanity? My non-existent history of mental problems and my perseveration and my non-bizarre delusions? And let’s not forget my own attorney’s contribution to the prosecution’s case: “Don’t forget ‘stupid,’ ‘lazy,’ and ‘disrespectful.’ ” That psych ward occupant you call a jurisdiction could not even theoretically appraise anyone else’s sanity.)

A legal system is precisely like a computer. By the emergency installation of Not gates strategically placed throughout the United States legal system, I have taken the liberty of modifying your legal system to better suit my needs. I hope you don’t mind. Should United States, in its total insanity, ever attempt to assert jurisdiction over me or any other member of the legal construct known as United Sovereigns of America, I will issue a reset command. Those who benefit from the insanity of that jurisdiction do not want that reset to occur, and that is why United States will never attempt to assert jurisdiction over me.

Now. In what precise manner has the United States legal system gone insane? Its outputs do not correlate to its inputs. If the United States legal system were a simple addition circuit, where one and one are its inputs and two should be its output, the United States legal system takes one plus one and comes up with negative five thousand.

One of its inputs is faulty. It’s seeing something on one of its inputs that isn’t there, so the circuit yields the wrong answer.

The United States legal system is seeing something that isn’t there. It sees terrorists where none exist. That logic violation was deliberately introduced into the system by two groups of the unsavory: intelligence agents and lawyers. The first group ran a drill on 9-11, thereby spoofing air traffic control computers with erroneous data such that non-existent aircraft flooded their screens; these corrupt intelligence agents also engaged in a criminal conspiracy with compartmentalized elements of the Pentagon to stand down NORAD for the first time in history; and these elements remotely piloted drones into the Twin Towers, drones inconveniently and embarrassingly enough outfitted with engines not compatible with either Flight 11 or Flight 175. The best laid plans of mice and men. Whoopsie Daisy. Maybe they’ll use the right engines next time. That usually helps.

The other fraternity of the unsavory, the enablers of all deceit in this world, were lawyers. They had been commissioned years before to write the collection of garbage known as the USA PATRIOT Act, that most un-American piece of legislation ever, all ready for rolling out at the appropriate time.

That legislation, along with all post-9/11 national security-related legislation, is null and void because of fraudulent representations made at the time of the deliberations of the legislation, deliberations which did not even constitute deliberations owing to the fact that no one could even read the text of the bill except perhaps certain committee members, and because of death threats delivered in the form of anthrax ultimately traced back to Fort Detrick, a finely milled and electrostatically charged, weaponized anthrax unavailable to all but the United States military.

During the deliberations of the Act, I’m guessing that it was left out that Osama bin Laden could not have even theoretically participated in the event. Unless I’m underestimating his capabilities, the man lacked the means of outfitting Flight 175 with the wrong engines.

The United States legal system is insane because it insists on regarding as a valid input a value that was forged. There is no such thing as a terrorist. No need to have a special word of art. The existing police powers are perfectly adequate for catching people who blow things up and shoot people.

In theory, it should be a simple matter of nullifying within the courts the legislation in question. Why that has not yet occurred, I can only speculate. Maybe the NSA is blackmailing corrupt judges. Maybe Justice Department lawyers have argued against the introduction of what they represent to be classified information into the proceedings. There are any number of ways for lawyers to use tortured language and a lack of transparency or else the bill dies. You know how lawyers are.

There are six entities possessing the ability to issue a reset command: me; the national legislature; the national judiciary; that junior partner, the executive; the several states; and the citizenry.

I have zero expectation that the Congress will repeal all post 9-11 legislation enacted predicated upon what amounts to false testimony. They can’t even rein in a president who’s trying his hand at writing laws now.

I have zero expectation that the reset command will be issued by the executive, which is the muscular, unitary executive long sought by the foreign bankers who commissioned 9-11 in the first place as a means of converting that constitutional republic into their private command jurisdiction.

So the matter of nullifying that legislation falls to one or more of three groups: the federal judiciary, the several states, or the people.

The several states are unlikely to issue that reset command because they like their highway funds too much. Charged with defending the natural rights of their citizens, they will nonetheless gladly consent to any number of violations of those citizens’ rights if it means cash flow. Let’s not kid each other.

(I do not recommend constitutional conventions when the system has worked so well for so long with the exception of one decade of pure kookery. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water. It is too easy for monied interests to hijack that process and create a government whose every action redounds solely to their benefit. I instead recommend a reset switch, the pushing of which by the number of states necessary for the adoption of a constitutional amendment terminates the federal jurisdiction for one microsecond and then immediately powers it back up intact, minus all post-9-11 national security-related legislation, and minus all executive orders, and minus the National Security Act, and minus the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, which delivered into private hands the money-creation powers rightfully belonging to the United States Government, the transfer of which powers is the source of every last of this nation’s problems. That is my recommendation.)

If none of the other entities act to reset that jurisdiction to its pre-9/11 condition, the citizenry who comprise this nation’s fundamental constabulary will terminate the federal jurisdiction with hyperviolence. No one representing himself to be a United States officer or employee will remain alive. That’s what happens in violent revolutions. And as Kennedy said, “The government that makes peaceful revolution impossible makes violent revolution inevitable.”

No decent nation permits the kind of insanity routinely displayed by that federal jurisdiction: “I’m catching the terriss, yeah yeah yeah, let me suck the shit out of your asshole, let me finger-fuck your pretty daughter’s tight pussy, let me beat my meat in the bushes as I watch you fuck your wife. And when I’m done, stick your head in this bag so I can ship you off to a torture chamber so that I can satisfy my one remaining claim to moral authority, which is that I need to do what’s in the budget so that I can make my mortgage payment this month.”

Not a single person in my audience would argue against a jurisdictional reset. You’d have to be a total pig to countenance that jurisdiction’s behavior.

So your task, Judge, is to take what you have learned here and figure out the means by which your sullied guild will undo what it did. Because if your guild fail to nullify that legislation, the people will do it for you. Your guild will not like that.

And this is still show business, so I fully expect you to buy your ticket. What you are reading is the intellectual property of a professional comedian and you will compensate me according to the pricing schedule posted at the box office. I don’t care who you are or what you think you’re investigating. You are attending the show of the century. If my work here isn’t worth a hundred bucks, I don’t know what is.

And it matters nothing to me that your ding-a-ling jurisdiction regards buying a ticket to my show as lending material support to a terriss. It’s the town nutjob. Ignore it. I do.


[Strictly speaking, I don’t possess a RESET command. I possess a KILL command. It’s the nuclear option. It terminates the entity by a jurisdictional challenge in court. If a KILL command is issued prior to resetting by any of the above mentioned entities in possession of that RESET command, the jurisdiction is publicly destroyed and can never again possess jurisdiction over USov or any other person. So get crackin’.]


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