It’s the continuing adventures of Gruber the Goober. The story’s got legs.

Do you remember so long ago when President Fraud disclaimed any knowledge of Gruber? Obama’s all like, “Oh, this just now came to my attention. My staff tell me that Professor Gruber provided input, you know, some sort of generalized feedback and such. But he wasn’t a member of the team.”

Turns out that another embarrassing video has surfaced, posted on Infowars, wherein President Nobody states that he “liberally stole from” the work of various geniuses including John Gruber of MIT, the economics professor paid $400,000 for his “econometrics work” on Obamacare. And by Gruber’s own, proud confession (which I’m sure he now regrets,) his job was to devise methods of making the mandate appear not to be the tax that Roberts later ruled that it was (while Roberts seemed not to understand that indirect taxes, by definition, contain built-in avenues of avoidance –just sit there, buy something else, or even die. Are the estates of dead people fined for not buying health insurance because the deceased’s non-participation in the health insurance market is actually secretly equivalent to participating in it anyway? That is the reductio ad absurdum of this manifestly unlawful personal mandate– and also that such a tax could not even theoretically be a direct tax, which, definitionally, contains no avenues of avoidance, as we now know that the 16th Amendment conferred no new taxing authority and placed the income tax into the class of indirect taxes to which it, and Obamacare, inherently belong) and Gruber’s job also was to make it appear that healthy people would not be subsidizing the health care of unhealthy people, such legerdemain all made necessary by the “stupidity of the American people” and because with transparency, “the bill dies.”

Huh. It’s just pure brilliance, con artistry, and fraudulence all ’round, isn’t it? And people wonder why I have nullified all United States so-called law. Legislation which was designed from the start to deceive the public, legislation unavailable for reading by the lawmakers expected to vote on it, is no legislation at all.

And I love how Gruber, in those videos, makes like he’s best buds with Barack Obama. He’s just got stars in his eyes! And he apparently plays to a crowd of college students too naive to yet know that every piece of legislation in the history of mankind has contained a screw job hidden somewhere inside it. You just have to look, which you can’t do, because Pelosi says “You have to pass it to see what’s in it.”

Like I said, nice. jurisdiction. you. got there. It’s a carnival fun house.

Gruber says something like “Barack Obama’s such a nice guy, you know, in person. So I turn to Barack Obama and I say–” just to let his enraptured audience of eighteen-year-olds know that he was in the same room as Barack Obama and he smelled his farts and then probably had secret penis time later on in Obama’s hotel room because Gruber is such a fawning fan and little boyfriend of the biggest fraud ever to pollute the White House, a con artist who uses Harrison J Bounel’s Social Security Number whenever he files a tax return. Barack Obama commits criminal fraud every April 15th. I assure you that fraud is second nature to him by now. The man is a congenital liar. I bet he would lie about the color of the sky. The thing about liars is that they actually believe that other people believe their lies. I maintain that Barack Obama would be diagnosed as clinically insane. He’s not the type to run around with a knife or accost passersby on the street, but he inhabits a dreamworld reality where he gets to create his world just by stating it to whoever will listen. He actually believes that if he verbally describes his desired reality to his satisfaction, that it manifests externally. He’s a kook. He belongs in a rubber room.

So we’ve got Fraudster A and Fraudster B, two peas in a pod, probably playing footsie under the table in the conference room, stealing a kiss when no one’s looking, whispering into each other’s ear about how “your fraudulence completes me.”


“What’s that chick’s name with the long hair?!”


“Hey, Raputa… Raputa the Beauta! Raputa the Beauta!”

What’s that dipshit’s name who singlehandedly sank Obamacare? The guy who wanted to be a big shot and tell everyone how skilled he was at misrepresenting one thing to be another? The egghead genius college grad who boasted several times of his prowess in employing a “lack of transparency” which is “useful in politics” owing to “the stupidity of the American people” lest “the bill die?”

That would be Gruber the Goober!

And now he’s another one for the history books. He’s right up here on stage. Give him a hand, everyone!


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