Don’t worry. I’ll post them for him.

“I used to work for the Secret Service, so you had better darn well be scared of me. You’re a terriss now and you dishonorably served your nation, quite unlike me who could not get my limp dick up to kick in one fuckin’ door and seize one fuckin’ document, the publishing of which would save the country.”

I guarantee you that there will be violence in Ferguson because I’ve already informed you that the bankers who own and govern your dead nation very badly need plenary police powers within the territorial jurisdictions of the several states.

If there is no violence to be had, the Justice Department and DHS will engineer some.

I absolutely guarantee you that those DHS vehicles will roll, one way or another.

Yes, yes; I’m always the bad man. But the several states will eventually hoist me on their shoulders and celebrate my inherent excellence when they realize that the legal structures I have assiduously created under the aegis of United Sovereigns of America shall be their states’ salvation against that freakshow nutjob Frankenstein’s Monster running amok in Washington.

USov legally kills United States. It’s novel, but it works.

And it sounds like it’s time for a boycott of the hotel this guy got fired from. They’re collaborating with the enemy.


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