Evidence, crime, jurisdictional execution, one each.


Put in me file when me talk and blow idiot nondiction brain out over wall and then make fart noise.

So despite Pelosi’s claim that she’d never heard of him, then when it turns out that there was proof that she knew who he was, and when her PR dog shit talker spun it by saying that, “Well, okay, yes, it is true that she had known him, but she didn’t know who he was. There’s a difference, you see. She was somehow existentially aware of his existence, but she had never, you know, KNOWN HIM, you know, like what his penis looks like. So in that respect, Miss Pelosi was correct in denying any knowledge of him lest people think she’s a criminal too, which she is and you can tell that just by looking in her eyes.”

And now it turns out that Gruber the Goober, the establishment retread egghead at MIT who thinks Americans are stupid, has ruined the whole scam by stupidly involving Barack Oconartist, making them two peas in a pod as well as probably homosexual lovers and cooking up popcorns and soups for each other when they’re not dreaming up ways to speak noble lies in service to a higher truth which is, itself, yet another noble lie told to them by higher-ups who never clued in these two idiots to the real game plan. And on and on it goes, ad infinitum, right up the chain, every minion eventually realizing that they’ve been set up like in that Batman movie where the Joker had half of each two-man team kill the other half, until there’s no one who hasn’t been lied to, no one who hasn’t been killed, and that would be Satan himself.

If you justify your deceptions by considering your lies to be noble, what makes you think that you haven’t been told a noble lie by someone higher up? Huh? Dummy?

College grads are the most stupid people I’ve ever met. And Barack Obama and his adoring little boyfriend, Gruber, are at the top of the list. Those two are the dictionary definition of the Soviet term, “useful idiot.”


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