Huh. It seems that Gruber, the genius MIT economist and Obamacare architect who thinks Americans are, quote, “too stupid,” has stepped in it again.

After embarrassing video emerged of Gruber, seemingly satisfied with his genius powers of deception, saying that the tortured lawyer dog shit and the lack of transparency in the Obamacare bill was necessary to trick stupid Americans, he later explained it all away on MSNBC as “off the cuff” remarks that he lamented.

Well, it turns out that Professor Genius of MIT seems to have a recurring opinion of Americans as “stupid.” Another video has surfaced wherein he says it again.

I ignore all United States so-called “law” for precisely this reason. Nancy Pelosi says “you have to pass it to see what’s in it,” Barack Ofreakshow says you can keep your doctor, and now we’ve got a self-confessed con artist and fraudster twice now plainly stating that the bill was written in tortured language and with no transparency in order to fool “stupid” Americans.

I demand that that man be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Include this crime in my legal file. I will use United States’ contentment with fraudulent legislation and self-confessed con artists as part of my Bill of Fatal Defects when I jurisdictionally execute that dead piece of trash, United Shitstain.

Nice jurisdiction you got there.


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