They’re here. Those informational structures have manifested.

Information warfare is God’s warfare. It is the interplay of informational structures residing in a higher dimension. I have used the term “time domain security apparatus” to refer to a subset of those informational structures.

Informational structures are created by speaking or otherwise propagating information within that higher-dimensional informational system. Within that system, one’s success and facility in creating those informational structures is dependent upon two things, one of which I call “informational primacy,” the condition of being a source of illumination that cannot be ignored. The creator of this informational system that we call the universe possesses ultimate informational primacy.

In that higher dimension, moral authority is the single most powerful force. It prevails against all others.

One’s facility in creating informational structures is the product of moral authority and informational primacy. FCIS = (MA)(IP). Should one desire to create informational structures (for the purpose of sheltering the homeless or devising a cure for cancer or otherwise improving one’s environment,) your success depends upon the product of those two components.

That is how God, and His dim reflection, humans, create reality. It pleases God to see His creation discover and tentatively experiment with this attenuated power of creation that He allows us.

And now I understand. Praise God.

God is a judge. I understand that now. I pray that I shall never violate His laws, and if I run afoul, I pray that my perfect good faith weigh in my favor.

And it never hurts to bring a smile to a judge’s face, either, if I may presume to have achieved that.

All other requirements having been met in His court, God loves to laugh. It is my humble honor to speak before You, and it is my humble honor to aspire to bring You joy.

And now, ten years later, I understand that my target audience is God Himself. Is that my role here? Am I the fool in a higher-dimensional court? By the principles of quantum entanglement, am I contemporaneously performing in the Throne Room? It’d be the role of a lifetime, wouldn’t you say? To be God’s hunchback? It’s like the lottery: someone’s got to win. Someone’s got to play the fool. Why shouldn’t it be me?

And now I understand why no ill has befallen me. Within cosmic law, that set of rules by which God and Satan operate, it is apparently illegal that the court fool be harmed during the discharge of his professional duties.

Perhaps I might benefit by studying cosmic law. I would very much appreciate that someone put together those materials for my instruction and to put them where they might cross my desk. Thank you.


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