Was it a shellacking? A wave? A repudiation?

From my 24-mile-high vantage point I will tell you that it was much more than all of those.

It was a mandate. It was a last-ditch effort to save that jurisdiction. As a student of history, I will tell you what comes next. If that asshole-sniffing, tittie-suckin’, snatch-fingering, pervy, peeping Tom, dick-pounding freak show in Washington cannot be chained back down, it will be terminated by force of arms. The American people, with their three hundred million, modern, fully functional firearms, have the ability to scrape that turd off the sidewalk in under a week. Any deadender employees will be hobbled and instructed never again to return to work. Any who ignore that warning will be executed. That’s how civil wars go. So I don’t want to hear any gasps from my audience at the strident talk.

That is what occurred several days ago, call it what you will.

So I certainly hope that the establishment retreads in the Republican party fully understand that this is not business as usual. This is not playtime. Republicans shouldn’t take this as permission to stock up on the hair spray and the tanning creams. Lose the smarmy smiles and the golf games. Roll up your sleeves and gird yourselves for the task of a lifetime.

Major, massive changes will occur in Washington one way or another. The people have stated that they’d rather see peaceful change than violent.

You’ve got two years to get that jurisdictional abortion under control or it goes bye bye in the most crowd-pleasing manner imaginable. You could pay off the national debt just with the ticket sales and the syndication rights.

It was a mandate from the American people that the town psychopath be disarmed. This is the one instance of gun control that I would support.

It’s cowboys versus commies. Guess who wins?


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