I sense doom.

Not necessarily for me, but I can sense it in the national environment. My Hinky Meter is pegging again. I’m forever having to adjust the squelch knob, so to speak.

The executive branch is a government within a government, one that considers itself to be outside the constraints of the federal constitution.

The wheels of the United States legal system are now humming right along, thanks to the efforts of many people, including me. It would therefore only be a matter of time before lawful government is restored and the guilty brought to justice.

The foreign bankers who control the executive branch will instruct their property, Barack Obama, to activate certain executive orders whereby these bankers might snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Executive orders are not law. They are instruments which purport to deliver to executive branch employees legal protection in the commission of acts otherwise considered illegal, such as for the seizure of private modes of transport, agricultural output, private property, etc. Executive orders also purport to indemnify executive branch employees in the spiriting off to locations unknown such persons whom tippy-top secret kook courts might declare to meet the legal definition of the filth-beast word of art “terrorist.” (You didn’t think that terrorists were real, did you? Oh sure; people blow things up, I suppose, but those are just garden-variety criminals. They’re nothing so grand as a “terrorist.” Here’s how it works: Filth-beasts will dream up a new word of art, in this case “terrorist.” And then other filth-beasts in the Justice Department will instruct their criminal allies in the FBI to ply some borderline mentally retarded goof with some marijuana and a new X-Box if he’ll play dress-up and shoot his mouth off and walk through an airport scanner with some inactive explosives. Then the FBI will run out from the shadows and catch themselves a terriss! See? It accomplishes so many things: The FBI get to look good by catching their own patsy, and the filth-beasts in the Justice Department then get to “prove” their new, hitherto legally substance-less word of art within the legal system. Like an immune system might now be aware of a new microbe, the legal system is now “aware” of a new entity, one which had previously only existed as a theoretical word of art. That’s how lawyers operate.)

So anyway, now that the country has decided that Barack Obama is like spoiled mayonnaise, vomited up by rational people everywhere, his styrofoam Grecian columns and his self-regard notwithstanding, he will be all too willing to do his part when his owners instruct their intelligence agencies (both foreign and domestic) to blow things up or shoot people or spread an Ebola simulant. Then his banker owners will instruct him to jut his idiot tongue out of his idiot mouth and sign his sinister signature on a piece of paper. That’s where his phone and his pen come in.

Do you see how easy it is? That’s how bankers will do an end run around the two houses of congress which may or may not be “down” with these bankers’ plans to fully conquer your nation.

I would expect a major false flag event prior to the seating of the new congress. Your prime suspect will be President Food Poisoning. His kook, narcissist brain will cause him to punish a nation that despises him and his fraudulence. That human freakshow will seek to completely destroy this nation. Just ask your neighborhood criminologist how these nutjobs operate.

Barack Obama may not be bright, but he’s extremely dangerous. You keep a close eye on that human failure. The one tool available to him which might save his conception of himself as being powerful is to kill that which rejects him. He will seek to kill the United States of America.

This is your fair warning.


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