Do you remember that rat-faced little criminal, Reid?

He had that Reid Bunkerville LLC, the profitability of which depended upon the freeing up of the Bundy ranch so that the land there might be used as an environmental set-aside, thereby freeing Reid’s land up for use for a solar farm by your nation’s owners, the Chinese. So he called out the federal goon squad, completely outside of that Idiot jurisdiction’s jurisdiction, when the appropriate course of action was to file a yawn-inducing lien on the property.

And you will recall when that little criminal Reid said, “This isn’t over yet!” Well, it seems that Assclown Nondiction United States has placed his son, Ammon Bundy, on the Airport Security Selectee List as punishment for denying that little criminal Reid his payday.

Do you see how ridiculous that idiot jurisdiction is? It can’t waddle its fat ass down the street to catch the bad men who deposited incompatible engine hardware on Murray Street, so it will use the provisions of the Patriot Act to punish those who deny criminals like Reid their payday.

I remember fondly when that idiot jurisdiction informed me by, essentially, registered mail that it had begun attending my show. I had been accorded this same Airport Security Selectee status during a flight from New York to Orlando in the first quarter of 2005. And then all I had to do was to sit back, eat pistachio nuts, and watch the federal, state, and local ding dongs “investigate” me. (The state and local cops have probably learned their lesson about taking their cue from that idiot jurisdiction. It can only lead to embarrassment.)

The jurisdiction ain’t too bright. How does that idiot jurisdiction plan on sneaking up on the terriss when all you have to do is look at your boarding pass and roll your eyes at your new terror status?

That is one fuckin’ idiot jurisdiction right there. Get a good look, folks, ’cause it ain’t long for this world.

In the future, all decent people will be terriss. It’s the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.


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