So Frieden’s rationale for advising against denying entry to travelers from West Africa is that ‘turning off the fire hose would backfire because there might still be a drip.’

It is clear to me now that the entire executive branch will have to be seized by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and lawful government restored. It’s this nation’s last chance. If they do not act, I demand that they take off their uniforms and instead wear PT gear to work from now on.

The organized crime syndicate for which Messrs. Obama and Frieden work, the crime syndicate that executed 9-11 on behalf of foreign bankers who found your republican government bothersome, is now going to invoke medical martial law so that your nation may be completely subjugated. Obama and Frieden have been tasked with ensuring that the Ebola emergency is not impeded, lest that subjugation fail. Obama and Frieden are engaging in verbal gymnastics to rationalize the importation of Ebola vectors.

Barack Obama is actively assisting in the handing out of smallpox blankets. It’s politics 101.

That is what is happening.


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