I will use the spotlight accorded me by my status as another one for the history books. Let’s go ahead and make Doctor Frieden of the CDC a big star.

Mister Frieden, you’re getting in over your head. You’re getting mixed up in something that you want no part of. You are involving yourself in an attempted act of mass murder by providing the rationale by which Ebola patients are given free entry into this nation as cover for an engineered release of Ebola or Ebola simulant by compartmentalized elements of executive branch intelligence agencies.

You are a useful idiot in an executive branch gambit to unbind its hands.

You have officially come to my attention. I will investigate you and I will demand that everyone’s favorite dead jurisdiction prosecute you. If the jurisdiction fails to do so, I will incorporate that failure into my Bill of Fatal Defects, part of the jurisdictional challenge I will employ to execute that lawless trash heap. The jurisdiction will not elect to die. Therefore you will rot in prison.

I can tell just by looking at you that you are as crooked as they come.

You are not going to like your crimes to be part of the history books. You’re not in some dark alley, Mister Frieden. You’re on stage now.


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