It is clear to me that the rats are cornered and they are using Ebola as a Hail Mary pass to get their asses out of a sling.

The criminal organization comprised of bankers, intelligence agencies, NGO’s, and other assorted weirdo nutjobs who despise humanity and all that is good –that is, the self-described gang called the New World Order, that crime syndicate in control of the dead federal jurisdiction– have “flipped the chess board over.” They are changing the game which they were destined to lose. I maintain that they have deliberately imported Ebola into this country or, at the very least, stood down the normal protective protocols already in place in order that they might take advantage of the crisis.

I’m not sure there will be some massive pandemic around the country. But at the very least there will be enough cases that President Freakshow will order mandatory vaccinations, quarantines, and abductions of “infected” persons.

The Ebola outbreak in this country, whether engineered or merely capitalized upon, and I maintain that it is engineered, will be used as the trigger event that allows the executive branch to unbind its hands.

I now know what the first scene is in that second volume in our series of adventure books. It is the use of Ebola to effect a complete upending of law and the resulting societal chaos. Nothing will be the same ever again. And in a year or two, when you can’t even remember what America used to look like, you can say, “Huh. You mean all we had to do was to uphold our oaths of office? Oh well.”

Refer to Dave Hodges, Haggmann and Haggmann, Steve Quayle, and Alex Jones for accurate Ebola information. Ignore all newspapers and television news. Those outlets have no credibility. Listening to their nonsense will help you die or wind up in a labor camp.

I’m pretty sure that the civil war is gonna start when that dipshit jurisdiction in Washington mandates the taking of a vaccine spiked with whatever piggybacked toxin. Those who don’t drool all day long will use force to prevent what amounts to a physical assault by what they will have every reasonable suspicion will be a toxic vaccine. Witness the respiratory problems among the children who all took the same vaccine at the same time to get ready for the new school year. Get your child his Back to School Death Injection. Don’t take any vaccine unless you know precisely what is in it. And since you can’t know that the vaccine does only what it is advertised to do, that means that it’s inadvisable to take any vaccine.

I don’t believe that Ebola is the be-all-and-end-all plague, but I believe that it will be used to mandate a vaccine which will be designed to compromise the immune system for the knockout punch later. I think that the vaccine is the true weapon. There is no better vector for a disease than to have it injected directly into the bloodstream.

And you will see roadside checkpoints to verify that all passengers have received the vaccine, er, I mean the weapon.

You will also see the “quarantining” of liberty-minded states like Vermont, New Hampshire, Texas, Idaho, etc. A state-wide “quarantine” is also conveniently similar to an economic blockade, which is an act of war. This is how the dead federal jurisdiction will wage war on states that will not fall into line. The federal jurisdiction will seed a few Ebola cases in that state and then blockade it with a quarantine.

Do you see how the world works?

Hold onto your hats! This second book starts with a bang.


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