So I see that everyone’s favorite band of weaklings, United Shitstain lawmen, have proven themselves to be the fraudulent nothings I’ve long maintained them to be.

No one has yet kicked in doors and seized those 28 classified pages of the 9-11 report and published them.

I don’t know what else I can do. I have de-compartmentalized you, I have collected the smoking guns you need, and I have even laboriously devised the political and legal structures that you require to pull it all off and get away scot free.

You can lead a lawman to the door, but you can’t make him kick it in.

If I were to be questioned today by a United States agent on the artistic merits of my strident talk, I would dismissively scan your face up and down for a brief moment and just walk away. Translated, that look means “Improve your environment for once. Take out your service pistol and eat a bullet.”

[Pssst: Barack Obama works for the Saudi royal family. Obviously he has a bit of a conflict of interest here. He doesn’t want that report published because it will result in the termination of Saudi Arabia, an entity, by the way, that is chiefly responsible for financing your ding dong nation’s bogeyman du jour, ISIS.]


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