There are some twenty-eight classified pages of a 9-11 report.

I understand also that those pages will “bring down the system.”

I demand that those pages be published, unclassified or not.

The system is coming down anyway. Either decent government employees bring it down in an orderly fashion or the people will bring it down in a decidedly disorderly one. In the latter case, government employees will lose their pensions as well as perhaps much more. You do the math.

I demand that United States lawmen uphold their oaths of office, kick in doors, seize those classified pages, and publish them. You may flag yourselves under the United Sovereigns of America banner. If you encounter any legal problems, I will rack my metaphorical shotgun, I will insinuate its muzzle into the mouth of that idiot jurisdiction, and I will evacuate its idiot skull of its idiot brains.

It’ll be a real crowd pleaser.

Do this immediately.


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