I’ve always had difficulty monetizing my skills.

That is, how to turn a buck at something. The stand-up, for example, went nowhere because I outdid myself yet again and wound up in a kook law containment field, through which shall pass no single kind word or ticket purchase, apparently. And if you people think I’m going to start out all over again at the bottom rung and play open mics somewhere, you are living in dreamland.

So I am going to set aside for the intermediate future any craw-sticking regrets about uttering a single word in defense of this nation. I am going to focus instead on monetizing my ability to terminate jurisdictions by speaking. I specialize in making lemonade out of lemons.

I remember back in 1995 when I was doing back-end database work and web design. I had the bright idea that maybe real estate agents might one day display on this thing called the internet their inventory of homes for sale. So I asked a real estate agent friend of mine if she would find it useful to have that ability. She said, “Oh, no, no one would show their houses on that. We have the MLS. That’s the computer system we use to show pictures of homes.”

So I set the idea aside, thinking, “Well, she is, after all, the expert. She’s probably right.”

Imagine how much I’d be worth today had I remained convinced in my vision.

I learned a lesson. The experts may be experts, but only in their own fields. They are not experts in visualizing the future.

I am going to monetize my ability to kill jurisdictions by speaking. I am going to use my legal construct of a jurisdiction-killing principality, United Sovereigns of America, to sell tax-free cigarettes, gasoline, and booze. And then I’ll go on to charter corporations in my low-tax jurisdiction.

If you think about it, USov is analogous to a sovereign Indian nation. People may say, “Ah, yes, Chris, but, see, they have treaties recognizing their sovereignty. You, on the other hand, are a non-person inside a kook law containment field. You will never get a treaty recognizing your sovereignty. No one wants you to exist.”

Remember the one thing you need to know about law: Legal is that which does not call forth guys with guns. In the case of the Indians, guys with guns are not called forth because of treaties recognizing sovereignty.

In my case, guys with guns are not called forth because United States will not survive a legal contest with United Sovereigns of America. Your finer lawyers will concede that United States has lost jurisdiction over me, proven in practice by my ability to send two –count ’em, two– bomb threats directly to the White House with total impunity.

So it’s six of one, half a dozen of another. The Indians are sovereign because of treaties. I am sovereign because United States has lost jurisdiction.

Now. How to kill the several states, the jurisdictions that would take issue with my sale of tax-free items? It is similarly possible to terminate the several states with the Capta Brightstick Document. As we know, unlawfulness corrupts all jurisdictions through which it may pass. And you may rest assured that the State of Vermont is aware of the evidence in that document. That the State of Vermont has not yet shut down by force of arms those DHS checkpoints is evidence of active collusion with the criminal, dead jurisdiction in Washington. The State of Vermont lacks the moral authority to speak on any legal matter. It is similarly a dead jurisdiction.

By definition, only jurisdictions have laws. The State of Vermont does not constitute a jurisdiction. Therefore the State of Vermont has no laws.

I’ll keep you posted. This is all on the up-and-up, and it will be perfectly public. No need for anyone to investigate anything because this is a legal experiment whereby I intend to publicly execute various jurisdictions for their timidity in catching the bad men and for their alacrity in punishing the good men.

I think I know the title of this second book in our three-volume adventure series:

Christopher King vs United Shitstain: It’s Officially Jurisdictional Bye-Bye Time.

Just think of all the money I can make by shielding individuals and corporations from federal and state income taxes and excise taxes! Maybe those dead jurisdictions might have hitched up their pants and caught the bad men instead of boo hoo hooing about how no rational person follows their non-existent laws.


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