Do you remember a few months ago that I said we were “in between books,” so to speak, of some adventure series?

It is clear to me now that we are about to turn to the first page of the next book.

Everything is going to change radically, soon.

This Ebola outbreak is engineered. We know that because it is genetically distinct from the two prevalent variants, Zaire and Marburg. A close inspection will identify precisely which laboratory produced it. This variant was released into the wild in western Africa to lend to it the appearance of an organic outbreak. And its introduction into the United States was deliberate as well; you simply don’t fly into a nation a patient infected with a pathogen with a ninety per cent mortality rate. No one’s that stupid.

It is only a matter of time before the United States counts its first confirmed case of Ebola. This will likely happen in the next month or two or six. But it will happen.

And at that time, entire cities and states will be quarantined. Supply trucks will not run. The United States will be officially converted overnight from a first world nation into the banana republic that it’s aped for the past decade. The death squads will roam free, protected by the vaccine as they will be. And the world as you have known it will be over. It’ll be Mad Max at Thunderdome.

And that was the plan, executed by the cuckoo nutjobs who cooked up three thousand people on 9-11 in a Luciferian, Masonic blood sacrifice to their lord, Satan.

You should listen to this episode of the Haggmann and Haggmann Report, starring our very own Agent Mulder with a Bible, Steve Quayle, and special guest, Doctor S. Those two will tell you everything you need to know about what to expect.

So we’re entering our next book. I don’t know what comes in the future. All I know is that we’re there now. And we can leave the past behind. All is forgiven. It’s yesterday’s news.

But when you think of me as your world crumbles, you can say, “Huh. I now understand why Chris dedicated an entire decade of his life to this undertaking and spent every penny and set aside opportunity after opportunity. I now see why he spoke so stridently and took so many risks as he multiplied his force and mapped out his environment and employed game theory and chaos theory to climb to the stage upon which he now walks at his leisurely pace. It is now perfectly apparent to me that he can see past the nose on his own face. He saw all this coming a mile away. Maybe he’s not so kooky after all. Imagine what he might have achieved had we acknowledged his mere existence or even bought our tickets.”

So thanks for making my job more difficult. But no matter. I don’t hold grudges. I’ll just sigh a bit more deeply and shake my head as I continue working in your behalf. I might like those flowers, though.


P.S. You can see why I’m not terribly concerned about drivers licenses and filing tax returns and lodging lawsuits. I’ve got bigger fish to fry right about now.


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