This is required listening for any who wish to know how the world really works.

It’s the August 15 episode of the Haggmann and Haggmann Report, one of the handful of sources to which I turn to get my information. Why do I get it right so often? It’s because I spend my time listening only to those who understand the world.

This episode features W, the Intelligence Insider. He discusses any number of things, such as the reliance upon numerology by those sons of Isis who attacked your nation on 9-11, those sons’ efforts to eliminate Adamic DNA from all humans, and all sorts of interesting things. W comes on at the one hour mark.

This episode is especially useful for law enforcement types because W discusses the “secret handshake” importance of the numerological practices of the Luciferians. You can’t predict your enemy’s next move until you understand what motivates him. Satan (Lucifer) seeks the total elimination of Adam’s seed (Adamic DNA.)

Once you understand that the elimination of Adamic DNA from the human genome is the goal, and when you couple that knowledge with the admittedly funny sense of humor of these Luciferians, you can see that when genetic engineers promise a disease-free human genome if you’ll just let them modify your DNA, what they really mean is that they desire to eliminate the Adamic component of the human genome, that Adamic seed being regarded by them to be a disease, an infection.

As I said, I came to Christianity pretty late in the game. But I realized that the Bible is the most exciting accounting of history. It’s all true, if you know how to read it. It’s the most fascinating cosmic tale. It would be the most rollicking science fiction tale ever, if it were not so true.

What I will tell my audience is that Satan’s days of ruling this earth are coming to a close. He knows this. He will perform as many human blood sacrifices as possible. This world is about to experience a spilling of blood unlike anything in history.

So I suggest that you get right with Jesus Christ  –the son of man and the son of God. Jesus Christ is a human/divine hybrid containing both Adamic DNA and divine DNA. Jesus Christ is what is known as an intercessor, an attorney if you will, who argues on your behalf when you are judged by God, the architect of this place.

To get right with Jesus Christ, you need to let him into your heart. You say, “Jesus Christ, I call upon you. Please occupy my heart. Please cleanse me in the blood of the lamb so that I might be without defect before God.” And then you repent of your sins. I have to repent about once a week, so don’t feel bad if you stumble. As long as you possess good faith, repentance is something you can repeat over and over. But it’s not a get out of jail free card for the willfully wicked.

Jesus Christ is real, He is all-powerful, He is the nexus between Adamic DNA and God, and it is only through Him that a human soul avoids eternal “apartness” from the creator.

So if you trust my ability to get at the truth in this confusing world, then you do what I say and you get right with the entity known as Jesus Christ.

And then listen to W, the Intelligence Insider on the Haggmann and Haggmann Report. Everything he says squares with what I have learned from other sources.


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