The several states will want to mobilize their National Guard units to disarm the Department of Homeland Security.

You place a call as a professional courtesy, you show up with overwhelmingly superior force, you disarm them of all weapons, you padlock the doors, and you instruct them that they no longer possess jurisdiction. (Which will be made all the easier when their crime in Ferguson is laid out for all to see, like a stiff in a morgue.)

And by the way, once you understand that your nation was conquered you can see that the purpose of these fusion centers isn’t to effect a “fusion of law enforcement intelligence,” or somesuch, it is to fuse the local and state law enforcement agencies to the command and direction of the Homeland Security apparatus in Washington.

Those fusion centers need to be shut down immediately. In the absence of fusion of command, there can be no civil war because these bankers and their intelligence agencies cannot command the state and local cops. If they can’t win a civil war, they will not start one, which is precisely what they’re trying to do right now.

If you shut down those fusion centers, there can be no civil war. That is the prime vulnerability in their scheme for civil war. Take advantage of that vulnerability.


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