I think we will find that the Ferguson Police Chief is wittingly or unwittingly a party to premeditated murder in the death of Michael Brown.

One of the advantages to being America’s Senior Comedian is that I get to cut some corners. I no longer have to post excerpts and links (which works out well because I laboriously conduct my low-bandwidth show on a tablet and upload my material upon entering a Wi-Fi zone.) My target audience can see what I’m reading, so they are able to follow my line of thinking on a matter.

You remember that your nation was conquered, right? Well, the bankers who hired compartmentalized elements of domestic and foreign intelligence agencies to do that wanted to make sure that no one might regain control of the federal jurisdiction and bring those bankers and intelligence agencies to justice.

Bankers also hired that filthiest breed of person ever accidentally birthed into this world, lawyers, to defile their environment merely by opening their mouths. Once these high-priced hooker lawyers got paid, they set about issuing forth their pure, patented filth, in the form of the USA Patriot Act, the collection of pure filth that provided the legal mechanisms by which those filthy beasts, lawyers, might effectuate the dismantling of the American way of life.

Ah, do you remember the good old days when America wasn’t a lump of dog shit on the sidewalk, to be navigated around by pedestrians with perfumed handkerchiefs pressed to their noses?

But anyway, the Department of Homeland Security is a national police force. Constitutionally, the federal jurisdiction is not to possess plenary police powers within the territorial jurisdictions of the several states. So on that point alone, DHS is patently unlawful.

The bankers who executed your nation needed plenary police powers at their command. That is the purpose of the Department of Homeland Security. It’s not to helpfully help you. How could DHS possibly be in the business of helpfully helping you when they’ve studiously ignored catchin’ the bad men who put incompatible engine hardware on Murray Street? Huh? (There I go again.)

The Department of Homeland Security is a legal construct which, inch by inch, has taken physical form over the past dozen years. They now pat people down at football games. They now show up willy nilly in their black helicopters and wave guns around and grunt that they’re protecting you.

The Department of Homeland Security very badly needs to graduate from legal construct to possessing plenary police powers in all territorial jurisdictions.

(Me too. So I know the feeling.)

You will find that the Department of Homeland Security had selected a community with an adequately corrupt police department that would permit DHS to run a little operation. DHS needed to create a problem to which the solution was a militarized police response, a joint response of the Ferguson Police Department and the Department of Homeland Security.

You will find DHS provocateurs throwing Molotov cocktails. You will also find that DHS needed someone gunned down to provide the spark of the confrontation. You will find that DHS had previously run a drill in conjunction with the Ferguson Police Department regarding just such a scenario.

You will find the Ferguson Police Chief to be adequately corrupt that the Department of Homeland Security regarded his jurisdiction to be a useful and compliant environment for the metamorphosis of the Department of Homeland Security from a little worm and into a butterfly of death.

You will find the Ferguson Police Chief to be complicit, wittingly or not, in the premeditated murder of Michael Brown. See, DHS needed someone to get shot by the cops, thus sparking protests. And they needed looting, likely performed by thugs hired by DHS. And the Ferguson Police Department dutifully stood down and permitted the looting to continue unopposed.

And what of Brown’s alleged petty larceny of some cigars? The cops knew that morning that it was Brown on the surveillance video. Bingo. They’ve got their target. Some hapless goof they can claim is violent, some poor sap who became their murder target.

That cop who shot Brown? He’s crooked too. Maybe someone knows that he likes screwing little boys. Or maybe he’s got a cocaine habit. Maybe he owes someone money. Either way, he had received instructions to locate Brown and kill him, claiming the implausible, that Brown grabbed his gun.

The Department of Homeland Security is goin’ bye bye. If the several states wish to survive this revolutionary period, they will immediately terminate any collusion with that unlawful agency.

The only relevant question as we enter the civil war is this: “Do I want to go bye bye?” (Because if you answer yes, the people will possess the means and the motive to make your dreams come true.)

So I suggest that everyone choose wisely and get on the side of law, uprightness, and the venerable American spirit of justice.

This event will prove to be the undoing of the Department of Homeland Security, an unlawful, malformed accident that should have been smashed on a rock and thrown into a ravine the moment it first entered this world.

Wolfteam. Place into my legal file all news items carried by InfoWars that may be relevant to this Ferguson incident. I will use that evidence when I execute United States. The matter of the premeditated murder of Michael Brown has officially come to my attention.

It’s another one for the history books.


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