And here come the Molotov cocktails, right on schedule.

Do you remember back when you spent most of your life drooling and shitting yourselves silly in front of the television, convinced that you were Number One and how the bad men achieved the physically impossible by installing incompatible engine hardware on Flight 175? And then you went off half cocked and spent ten trill on various misguided misadventures and you didn’t even get the right guys because you’re so brilliant?

Yeah. You got punked. You got set up. You got scammed by showmen who know how to work an audience. They’re laughin’ all the way to the bank with all the money they looted from your idiot society. I don’t think you fully understand that your nation is now dead, politically, morally, economically, and militarily. These colors run after all, don’t they? What a joke this idiot nation is.

The bankers who own and govern your dead nation seek to completely dismember it, lest you possess the slightest bit of might and resolve to arrest them. They need the dead nation called the United States of America gone like yesterday.

Here’s the plan: These bankers are going to set you up again. They are going to cause the civil constabulary to conduct themselves so egregiously hog-like that the people will be forced to defend themselves. This will cause the civil war that will kill those natural allies, cops and armed citizens.

I see in the news that the fat, overfed hogs in the Ferguson Police Department tuck their tails between their legs when it comes time to stop looters, but they’ll tear-gas journalists and shoot them with rubber bullets and arrest them for filming them. Whassamatter? Can’t handle your fat, useless, hog-like outrages documented on tape? And what’s with the no fly zone? How does that prevent gunfire originating from the ground? Or is it that you don’t want news crews filming you feral hogs in action?

Just what country do you animals think this is? Afghanistan? North Korea?

If you are wise, you will not be tricked into conducting yourselves in such a manner that exterminating you becomes morally proper.

Gonna cry? Is your lip trembling? Gonna wet yourselves? Don’t like the strident talk? If I were a cop, I would have had this shit hole cleaned out by now.

Lose the grunting animal routine. Class it up over there. And don’t get suckered again.

And since the police chief over there is so blindingly incompetent, I’ll give you some advice: Withdraw your animals and post them at any stores to prevent looting. Have your animals address the citizenry as “Sir” and “Ma’am.”

You implement those two recommendations and the disturbance will be quieted within 24 hours.


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