The Russians need to be shooting down civilian airliners like I need to be running a marijuana growing operation.

The Russians are extremely smart. They understand that information warfare is not the mere spreading of disinformation, but rather it is the interplay of informational structures residing in a higher dimension. In that higher dimension, the single most powerful weapon is moral authority.

So, no, neither the Russians nor any forces under their command had anything to do with Malaysian Air flight 17. (The Malaysians aren’t having very good luck these days, are they? Huh.)

Why was the flight off its usual course, bringing it directly over the zone of hostilities? Why did Ukrainian air traffic controllers direct the flight off its usual course? To place it into an area where it might plausibly be claimed that it was shot down?

And how do we know that the vehicle was hit by a surface-to-air missile? Might it have been a bomb loaded at Amsterdam? Isn’t that where airport security is so lax that an American consular agent had managed to escort the underpants bomber around airport security and on to the plane with no documentation whatsoever?

And coincidentally enough, one hundred of the world’s experts on AIDS perished on flight 17. Maybe it was a two-fer. Maybe these virologists were judged to be a threat to some upcoming biowarfare campaign.

You will find that NATO destroyed that plane, either by installing a bomb at Amsterdam, or by directing their proxy, the Ukrainian government, to shoot it down with a missile. I’m guessing it’s the former. A chemical analysis of the wreckage will identify the explosive and the vector.

The motive? To give the appearance of the loss of moral authority on the part of the Russians. But what these geniuses in NATO don’t understand is that the spreading of lies in this dimension in no way affects the arrangement of informational structures in that higher dimension.

This will only blow up in NATO’s face.

And to the NATO officers who planned and executed this outrage, I would invite you to perform the only honorable action within your grasp and auto-execute yourselves.


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