Fine, then. If everyone’s so interested in hearing my Right to Travel argument in court, I’ll go ahead and state it.

I knew those Sheriff’s deputies were in town for the sole purpose of pulling me over. Despite my best efforts to evade them, they managed to sneak up on me. So good on you.

I now have three outstanding citations for driving on a suspended license, one citation for an unassigned registration plate, and one citation for lack of liability insurance. I’m really rackin’ ’em up.

A natural right is property. They are the tools bestowed upon one by his creator that enable one to fulfill his creator’s commandment that he toil for his own sustenance. In the supposititious beginnings of all Western law, God cast Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden and commanded that they provide for themselves.

Natural rights are those most basic tools that one requires in order to comply with God’s commandment that one provide for oneself. These rights include, but are not necessarily limited to, the rights to work, speak, defend oneself, procreate, and travel.

No man possesses the power to tax or regulate these rights. It is not even theoretically possible.

So instead of throwing these latest tickets in the trash, I will type up a letter and send it to the Judicial Bureau, which, apparently, is the name of the governmental entity possessing jurisdiction over driving infractions.

As I am not a lawyer (though most who claim to be lawyers are not lawyers either) I am unsure whether pleading before the court concedes jurisdiction to the court. I am not a driver or an operator. These are not semantic games that I’m playing. I am a natural person who is exercising his natural right to travel by conducting his personal conveyance along the public thoroughfares in the pursuit of his private business.

And to the judge presiding over that court, I will gently and respectfully tell you that one does not seek the state’s permission to exercise a natural right. As a courtesy to the court, I will inform you of the reasoning behind my actions. I will inform you that I am acting lawfully in the exercise of my natural right, the exercise of which cannot be converted into a crime.

I will inform you of the lawfulness of my actions, and that will be the end of it.

One does not ask for another man’s permission to exercise a right granted by God. So you see that your ruling in the matter is quite irrelevant to my behavior. The best that you can hope to do is to align your ruling with my perfectly lawful exercise of my natural right to travel. In short, you may aspire to not looking ignorant of natural law.

And if the court shall not acknowledge my right to travel, I’ll just keep racking up the citations and I will eventually be jailed. And then everyone can ask, “Why is Chris in jail?”

“Oh, Chris is in jail because the court does not understand the basics like natural law, upon which all Western law is based. Chris is in jail because he doesn’t know law words and because he doesn’t talk dog shit. In cuckoo nation USA, Chris is in jail because he’s assiduously following the law, every last dimension and layer of it.”

So I will type up a single letter to the court, and I will consider the matter settled.


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