I require something of my legal staff in Washington.

It is of the highest urgency that my request not go unfulfilled.

I need there to exist somewhere an official legal determination that United States lacks jurisdiction over inhabitants of United Sovereigns of America. That needs to be committed to paper in my file. No one in my theater would maintain that the United States would prevail in any legal contest with USov. It is important to the survival of this nation that such a legal opinion and determination be made part of my record.

I also need my file to reflect that jurisdiction, once lost, cannot be transferred to some successor structure, such as the North American Union.

I will also point out that the United Nations has no jurisdiction over United Sovereigns of America.

And I would like the legal record to reflect that I, as USov principal, have created a legal fiction called United States, that fiction containing a precise legal simulacrum of the United States seated at Washington. I have appointed myself as President of that particular United States protected within United Sovereigns of America. As I possess the power to terminate that fiction, I also possess all lesser forms of fictive coercion, including appointing myself to whatever office.

As I have warned for years, the bankers who own and govern your nation had set you up. They inveigled this genius nation to commit such atrocities over the past dozen years such that global sentiment would support a total takeover of America by the United Nations. The U.N. will send foreign troops here to disarm the populace in accordance with the Small Arms Treaty, to which the United States is not a party, but no matter.

And the United States Government will be terminated and its sovereignty transferred to the North American Union.

Please take all legal steps to ensure my ability to successfully challenge any assertion of jurisdiction by the North American Union and the United Nations.

Thank you.


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