Tricks reveal how the mind can be altered to see or hear hidden items | Mail Online

If you think the noises you hear around you are purely driven by the outside world, then think again.

When your brain hears something, the way it interprets the sound is based on both external events and your own expectations.

Listen to this 50-second audio clip to find out if the trick works for you. The clip begins with a digitally altered sound that is entirely meaningless once it’s heard.

This is an interesting article with an audience participation part of the show. The article describes how the human mind will alter its perception to fit its expectations. The phenomenon is known as cognitive dissonance, the process whereby the mind will ignore or modify information which does not fit its conception of reality. Stage magicians exploit this “hack.”

Other stage magicians exploit this mind hack to fly drones into buildings and launch your nation on the most disastrous decade-long misadventure in history.

Comedians, being the stage magicians that they are, will deftly dismantle the stage tricks of that malevolent breed of stage magician. You can’t kid a kidder.

Good thing I prefer to use my powers for good rather than evil, eh?


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