Let the quadrennial Establishment Retread Beauty Pageant begin!

Joe Biden sought to make political capital out of presidential rival Hillary Clinton’s recent gaffes about her wealth by claiming that he ‘has no savings account’.

However, financial records shows that he’s not quite the man of the people he claims to be, with a savings account worth between $1,001 and $15,000.

The 2013 financial disclosure he made in May also indicates that the Vice President and his wife, Dr Jill Biden, are worth between $1,323,970 and $162,996.


Bill Deagle calls Hillary Clinton “the event horizon of evil.” He’s met her, and apparently shook her hand, and he must have detected wave after wave of pure evil sloughing off her like dead skin off a snake.

And I see that she’s cryin’ poor, what with having left the White House “dead broke.” And how everything she has now is the result of her “hard work.”

Yeah, hard work at being a total criminal, that is. These two-hundred-thousand-dollar speaking engagements? She doesn’t “charge” two hundred thousand dollars. She receives two hundred thousand dollars for services already rendered. Speaking tours and book deals are how people are paid off these days.

Can you imagine a real, non-evil, non-criminal, non-corrupt person running for president? He or she would win in a landslide.


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