U.S. won’t intervene in Iraq in absence of political reform by Iraqis, Obama says – The Washington Post

The Obama administration has decided to hold any military intervention in Iraq in abeyance until it sees clear evidence that the country’s politics and governance are reforming, according to U.S. officials.


Um, Iraqis are too busy trying not to get their heads cut off by this marauding horde of savages. They don’t exactly have time to satisfy Mister Obama’s requirement that concrete steps toward political reform be made.

To be fair to Mister Obama, Iraq is none of his doing. He’s trying to make the best of a total disaster.

Here’s how the world works, explained for the benefit of the flag wavin’ superpatriots in my audience:

It is said that knowledge is power. That is true. But what is even more fundamentally true is that power is power. That is, energy is power. If I control energy sources, then I can apply that energy to whatever endeavor. That is the most fundamental definition of power, and that is why the smart people are in the energy business.

Iraq, obviously, has energy resources. Iraq must be controlled so that its energy may be directed.

(Quantum vacuum energy solves the world’s energy problems, but quantum vacuum energy can’t be politically controlled, and that is why conventional fuels are promoted. If quantum vacuum energy devices were perfected and widely available, the control freaks in this world would instantly lose control. And we can’t have that.)

The Iraq “war” had nothing to do with democracy or baby bluebirds or helping women not to have to wear burqas or whatever other Pavlov’s bell that Americans are trained to respond to.

The Iraq war was in no way a failure. Chaos was always the goal. In chaos, there is no unified political opposition to those who wish to control and direct those energy resources. To the psychopaths in this world who forever strive to gain access to energy so that they might remake the world in their own damaged image, the chaos in Iraq is a symphony of beauty.

I am of the opinion that every last flag-wavin’, superpatriot idiot who ever clenched his jaw and muttered “We’re gonna get you, Saddam,” and who bought those idiotic terris playing cards, and who demanded that this idiot nation lay waste to innocent people after innocent people, I think that those superpatriots should be divested of every last bit of wealth, including their homes and their big, shiny, superpatriot trucks with the “Freedom isn’t free” bumper sticker on the back, and that money should go to hire mercenaries to restore order to that poor nation that had nothing to do with placing incompatible engine hardware on Murray Street.

And since these superpatriots won’t have a house now anyway, they should be pressed into the Peace Corps or something and shipped off to Iraq so that they can pick up little girls’ mandibles off the side of the road as the little girl wanders around, air whistling out of the lower half of her head, the part that used to be a jaw, calling for her mommy by the only means available to her now, which is to grunt “ung.”

Americans are too stupid to have their own country.

A fool and his money are soon parted, as they say. Well, a fool and his country are soon parted, too.


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