I’ve proven on two occasions now that Idiotdiction United States will not bring charges where that compressor of mine shows its smiling little face.

And when you work that compressor, detailed in the Capta Brightstick Document, into court as part of a jurisdictional challenge, you see that Idiot Nondiction United States cannot prevail.

When I say that cops can be “flagged” by USov, what I mean to say is that those cops retain their United States badges, and they truthfully flash those badges, and they may claim in good faith to be United States agents when they arrive on the scene to remove evidence and equipment. They are on official United States business. Who will deny a badge-flashin’ United States law enforcement officer entry to the premises? The term “FBI” or “Secret Service” still carry a lot of weight.

The difference with “flagged” United States cops (or local or state cops, for that matter) is that they are defended by the legal framework hashed out by me, the legal impenetrablility of United Sovereigns of America, that legal construct that lets me send Capta Brightstick bomb threats with total impunity.

You can see that all a cop has to do is to invoke the cascading awesomeness of the United Sovereigns of America defense by way of the appropriate paperwork, and then the nettlesome little nothings in the Justice Department get real scarce.

And you can see that the CIA can do the same thing. CIA employees could descend on whatever NSA installation, flash their badges and shoulder their way in, turn off the electricity, and begin hauling out whatever equipment they might be able to put to good use. And they can do it all with total legal impunity, as they can always invoke the Capta Brightstick Document in court or in Congress and simply execute the jurisdiction for its effrontery in presuming to open its pie hole.

The CIA has my permission to dismember the NSA. And it is your patriotic duty to do so.

Terminate the NSA. It’s yours for the taking. Everyone hates that perv agency anyway.


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