Hell hath no fury like a comedian stymied in his desire to have groupies and cooking segments.

There’s too much good stuff in this article to excerpt just a few nuggets, so go ahead and read the entire thing, and watch the video at the end of it


I’m forever stuck in a holding pattern, and have been since 2006, when I was first placed into my Kook Law Containment Field.

So to entertain myself, I’ve decided to terminate the NSA. Of course, I could be off doing cooking segments and having a career, but that apparently is not to be. How else will I make good use of my time?

By reading that article, you will learn that the NSA doesn’t just collect metadata. They collect everything, and have always collected everything. And since they collect everything, they had full knowledge of the 9-11 attacks planned by other compartmentalized elements of National Security State.

The National Security Agency was actively complicit in 9-11 and therefore will be terminated.

No one needs the NSA. They serve no one’s interests but their own. It’s a perv agency. It’s a peeping Tom agency. They blackmail members of congress about, perhaps, the occasional illicit liaison. Who knows. The point is, the NSA intercepts information they have no lawful claim to, and they use it for their own political purposes.

What the little geniuses over at the NSA failed to consider is that it is possible to program the United States legal system to stand down guys with guns who might defend the NSA when USov dispatches its constabulary to turn off the electricity at these NSA data centers, to seize hardware, to escort NSA employees off the property, and generally to terminate the NSA’s existence. And if the NSA lodges the first legal complaint with United States, that will call into being a sequence of legal events resulting in the death of United States. Trust me, that idiot jurisdiction in Washington will studiously ignore USov-flagged cops as we shut down the NSA.

I find it rather entertaining to watch little people like the Director of the NSA think they’ve got it all figgered out, think they’ve eavesdropped adequately and blackmailed adequately to prevent their own termination.

United States does not prevail in a legal contest with the legal construct known as USov. As the NSA is an inhabitant of United States, you can see that if United States stands a zero point zero zero chance of prevailing against USov, then the NSA’s chances are even less than that modest number.

United Sovereigns of America has determined that the NSA will be terminated. And I cannot imagine a more fitting target than the NSA, as they have proven themselves to be a smarmy, self-assured enemy of America who thought they were really bright. When they gamed things out, they failed to consider that a comedian scorned might just lazily decide to power down their illicit little agency.

Theory is not inferior to practice. Theory undergirds practice. Theory is the blueprint for practice. First comes the blueprint, then comes the automobile off the assembly line. One follows the other as assuredly as day follows night. I have provided the theory. The lawmen in my audience will provide the practice. They have spent their entire lives in preparation for this moment.

Our first target is the NSA. That is how we “prove” the ability of USov to field a constabulary and shut down elements of National Security State. (And no one will complain, as the NSA is the nation’s most despised agency. It’s a turd. USov will do the nation the favor of hosing it off the sidewalk. We’ll be national treasures and probably have parades and groupies and everything. So who’s in?)


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