Teenager accused of beating father to death with a cane and disposing of the body in backyard compost heap is charged as an …

A 16 year old who is accused of killing his father with a cane and hiding the body in a backyard compost bin was charged as an adult in the crime on Friday.

Rylan Salzman, from Tacoma, Washington, plead not guilty to one count of second-degree murder in the death of his father, Richard Salzman.


The kid got mad at his father and beat him repeatedly with the father’s cane.

Should we ban canes? Should we deny responsible citizens the use of their canes?

Why doesn’t Barack Obama use his “pen and his phone” to help America out of its lamentable “gridlock” in the national legislature by unilaterally banning canes?

I’m guessing it’s because constabularies don’t arm themselves with canes. They arm themselves with guns.

Harrison J Bounel is having nightmares about grand jury indictments and citizen constabularies, and that is why he couldn’t care less about the pernicious spread of cane violence. He wants the guns, which he won’t get. The man is delusional.

Obama knows he’ll never get the guns. But going after the guns is Plan B for kicking off a civil war. Because if he can’t get the public sector cops to go to war with the private sector cops, defined as gun owners and veterans, he will spark his civil war by making a move for the guns. And at that point, the citizenry will have to defend their natural right to self defense. And we’re off to the races.


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