For tea party Republicans, House leadership hopes turn into disappointment – The Washington Post

Longtime conservative activist L. Brent Bozell called several reporters late Tuesday to boast about the tea party’s stunning upset of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in Virginia’s Republican primary. When asked what he would do next, Bozell laughed and said he was going to have some more lasagna with the conservative operatives who happened to be dining at his house.

Across the Potomac River in his first-floor suite at the Capitol, House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy started making calls, too — but not to the press. McCarthy (Calif.) instead began dialing fellow House Republicans, reassuring them that in spite of the shocking news, their caucus was not imploding. If they were worried about what happens next, he was happy to help.

McCarthy’s apparent easy ascent as unrest swirled around him underscores how the tea party, even with its strong pull in congressional primaries and ability to dictate the Republican agenda, remains a limited force in the insular and relationship-driven sphere of House GOP politics. Though sizable in numbers, they lack the organization and preparation, the battle-tested aides and the Machiavellian instincts to take over.

I sometimes think that the Washington Post is the Establishment Retread Reassurance Brigade. Their job is to reassure the party faithful, both Democrat and Republican, that happy days are still here again and that there’s nothing to see here.

For the record, I rather love the Washington Post. I like their vibe and I like the writing style and I like the people there. But I do know full well that some of them get paid by outside interests to push memes in their columns and articles. It’s like the old “payola” scandal in the radio biz where record companies paid radio stations to give airplay to certain artists. I know full well that intelligence agencies pay columnists for airplay for their bankrupt ideas. And I know full well that the Washington Post engages in that unseemly practice. It is for that one reason alone that I do not regard the Washington Post as a reliable source of news. Love the paper, hate the propaganda. Hope you can make a go of things selling a product that no one’s buying.

But anyway, here’s the Washington Post, pretending that they still have influence in Washington (lose the propaganda; try truth for a change; it’s kinda sexy.) They’re trying to reassure the party faithful of both mainstream types that the gravy train is still runnin’ on time. “Oh, don’t you worry about those tea partiers, oh ha ha. They’re just a flash in the pan, you can keep suckin’ on that big fat sow called the welfare/warfare state. And because that big fat sow is almost drained dry, she’ll have to consume everything in sight and put people in labor camps and tase people’s assholes just to ensure a continued flow of resources that it might consume so that it can continue nursing the little piglets hanging off it, like you and us and all the other establishment retreads who’ve driven this country into the ground. So don’t you worry that the tea partiers are about to turn off the spigot. Keep voting the party line. Democrat, Republican, we don’t care. All is well. Nothin’ to see here. You just keep voting that welfare/warfare party line.”

So in a few recent articles in the Post, I’ve seen the theme that, “Yes, well, it is true that a tea partier trounced Cantor. But they’re no threat at all; if they were, they would have fielded their own candidate for Majority Whip or Speaker of the House. See? They’re nobodies who pose no threat.”

Trust me, the Tea Party scares the hell out of the Washington Post. And Boehner. And Reid. And McCain. The Tea Party scares the ever-lovin’ hell out of anyone, Democrat and Republican alike, who want a continuation of the corrupt, moribund, death-based, fraudulent, bankrupt political status quo.

Libertarians have ditched the pocket protectors and cut their hair, and they’ve decided that the Republican party was completely useless and that they weren’t putting their party apparatus to any good use, and so the libertarians and constitutionalists decided to take it from them.

The Republican party is now the property of libertarians and constitutionalists. And that scares the hell out of anyone in Washington who doesn’t want the law followed.

Yeah: Constitutionalists are such a terrorist threat that all they advocate is that the law be followed.

Those who don’t want the law followed, like little criminals like Harry Reid and Eric Holder and Barack Obama, will contract with the FBI to shoot places up and bomb station houses. If you can’t beat ’em, bomb ’em. That’s how it works in Washington these days.

Libertarians scare the ever-lovin’ fuckin’ piss out of establishment retreads everywhere because the presence of libertarians on the scene announces to all that the law’s comin’ to town.


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