Mister Saunders?

Isn’t my show so much more fun now that I’ve got distinct personalities to speak to? I can talk to you, and the judge, and Madame Prosecutor and the president and the Attorney General, and foreign intelligence agencies and legislatures and prime ministers.

Stand-up is a collaborative process, distinct from the other comedic forms. Stand-up breaks that “fourth wall” between the performer and his audience. The performer speaks directly to his audience. He can’t transmit in the blind forever. Without an audience there can be no show.

You can’t ask a stand-up comedian to exist in a sensory deprivation tank. It doesn’t work that way. And if you insist that he exist in total isolation, he will slowly die before your very eyes.

And that is why my show is much more fun these days. I finally have an audience I can play with. I have an audience I may invite to share in my otherwise private merriment.

And now you are in full possession of my each and every last method.


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