Tea Party Upstart Ousts Establishment Retread. Film at Eleven.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (Va.), the chamber’s second-ranking Republican, was badly beaten in a primary contest Tuesday by an obscure professor with tea party backing — a historic electoral surprise that left the GOP in chaos and the House without its heir apparent.

Cantor, who has represented the Richmond suburbs since 2001, lost by 11 percentage points to Dave Brat, an economist at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Va. It was an operatic fall from power, swift and deep and utterly surprising. As late as Tuesday morning, Cantor had felt so confident of victory that he spent the morning at a Starbucks on Capitol Hill, holding a fundraising meeting with lobbyists while his constituents went to the polls.


And everyone acts surprised.

I don’t think people fully comprehend what’s going on in this country. Either the federal government does a complete one-eighty and returns to its hole or it will be shut down. Obviously, people are going to make every effort to turn that jurisdiction around.

The political establishment in this country (both Democrats and Republicans, who are two sides of the same wooden nickel) are absolutely mortified, panicked, and terrified by the Tea Party. And that, not surprisingly, is why Little Eric Holder is helpfully helping the state and local cops understand that “Tea Partiers” and “libertarians” will be bombing their station houses.

Do you see the game yet? In Nixon’s day, one kept a harmless little enemies list in his breast pocket. This country is now so screwed up, and moral standards fallen so far, that the political establishment now shoot up places and bomb station houses and blame it on their political opposition.

You know what? I think it may be justified after all to attach the “terrorist” label to Tea Partiers and libertarians. It’s because they strike terror into the hearts of establishment retreads everywhere.


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