Las Vegas Police Lied About Shooters Suicide Pact | Alternative

An autopsy revealed Tuesday that Jerad Miller died from a .223 rifle shot, the official said. It was Jerad’s fatal wound — his wife never shot him, the official said. Clark County Coroner Mike Murphy said he could not confirm the report, citing the ongoing investigation. Police aren’t sure which officer’s shot actually struck Jerad Miller during the shootout Sunday morning just after the couple executed two officers in a CiCi’s Pizza in the northeast valle

Why all the secrecy? Why the long face?

Can someone please verify which caliber bullets entered his body? Did his girlfriend even fire a shot? I believe absolutely nothing these days that I cannot verify.

Why not brag to the world that one of your brave deputies had put an end to the rampage?

Wanna know why? Because it was always supposed to look like a murder-suicide pact.

This is what went down: That rat-faced little criminal Reid, still smarting from his Reid Bunkerville LLC land-grab failure, vowing that “This isn’t over!,” decided to kill two birds with one stone. He’d arrange for a shooting in his own state, employing corrupt Nevada “law enforcement,” and blame it all on gun owners, with a side dish of Cliven Bundy, the guy who steadfastly stands on the grazing rights that he owns, the standing-on of which thwarts the development aims of Reid Bunkerville LLC.

So Reid talks to some criminals over at the FBI –the go-to agency if you need a bombing or a shooting– and the FBI somehow ropes this dope and his girlfriend into showing up at the predetermined location, in this case a Wal-Mart, all dressed up in kooky Batman garb.

And while doofus and his girlfriend are on their way to the Wal-Mart, the FBI shooters, also dressed up in kooky Batman getups, shoot some cops and go through the checklist: yell “The revolution’s on, motherfuckers!,” drape a Gadsden Flag (a Tea Party symbol these days) over a corpse, and whatever all else.

So doofus and his girlfriend, having been roped into this by whatever intrigue on the part of the FBI, are waiting at the Wal-Mart. The corrupt Nevada cops are waiting for the signal to grease this guy and his girlfriend.

And that accounts for the .223 round that killed the guy, and it accounts for the Sheriff’s Office’s lie that he died in a murder-suicide pact, always an extremely facile explanation when two people magically wind up dead.

And that bystander that got shot? He was killed by the deputy because dead men tell no tales.

Ta da.

Maybe United Shitstain can get to the bottom of this.

No? Didn’t think so. Nice jurisdiction you got there.


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