Las Vegas police DID kill Jerad Miller, authorities reveal, as they release surveillance video of terrorist couple’s final s…

Despite appearances in the video, Las Vegas police said Wednesday that it was actually police officers who killed Jerad.

Police say an autopsy has revealed Jerad, 31, was killed by a .223-caliber rifle round – not a handgun – moments before Amanda, 22, shot her husband. Three officers fired their weapons at him after following the couple into the store.

So first they didn’t, and now they did. The police accounting of events now begins its unraveling.

Why didn’t the police crow about their heroic actions from the start? Seems you’d get a medal or a promotion, right?

It’s because they were there to grease them.

You will find Harry Reid involved in this. Guaranteed. Find his involvement.

That police chief is now another one for the history books. You had better lawyer up, mister.


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