America has crossed the event horizon of civil war.

Mister Saunders, muster your men. Training’s over. You’re shipping out. Everyone graduates with distinction.

I’ve been warning you for several years that civil war was coming to America. I was able to predict that because I can game out the moves of the political structure which attacked the United States. The name of that political structure is National Security State.

National Security State is comprised of various compartmentalized power centers ensconced within the de jure governmental structure of United States. National Security State was created in the National Security Act of, oh, 1948, I think. National Security State is governed by the National Security Council.

National Security State executed 9-11.

National Security State has various adjunct components, such as banking and corporate interests. This, for example, is one reason why the National Security Agency collects all electronic data. It’s so they can pass on, for example, business intelligence to their corporate and banking fraternal interests. The NSA’s primary function is corporate espionage that benefits the business adjuncts of National Security State.

The NSA’s job is to enrich and defend National Security State by eavesdropping on all conversations. The NSA in no way defends, or works to the benefit of, United States except to the degree that the de jure governmental structure of United States is a useful host.

National Security State is a parasite which has now sprung forth from the chest of the de jure United States Government. The United States Government is now dead.

Everything that you remember about America is gone, never to be recovered. If we fail in our task of defeating National Security State, your own children will forever curse your cowardice in bequeathing to them a tyrannical political system from which they will run in horror.

What is a criminal’s dream scenario? The criminal dreams of a world without cops.

National Security State is now going to attempt to kill all cops not under its control. “Cops” being defined as sworn state, local, and federal police, and citizen gun owners, especially veterans.

National Security State will attempt to divide and conquer any constabulary not under its control. It wants all United States constables, both public and private, completely neutralized. It wants them dead.

National Security State is going to kill cops. It will do this by instigating a brawl among those cops. It will instigate a fight between Law Enforcement Agency A and Law Enforcement Agency B. It will instigate a fight between public cops and private cops. It will instigate a fight between cops on the public payroll on one side and gun owners and veterans on the other.

That is how National Security State will divide and conquer the only constabulary capable of bringing these criminals to justice. It will instigate fights in the ranks.

I guarantee you, as I have been warning you for years, that National Security State will be shooting you and bombing your station houses, and then blaming it on your fellow cops, who are veterans and gun owners.

Let me ask you a question: Who around here has made the first effort to catch 9-11 criminals who deposited plainly incompatible engine hardware on Murray Street? The FBI? The NSA? The CIA?

Alas, no.

Has the Washington Post, who are esteemed members of my audience, run the first story about that plainly incompatible engine hardware that cast this nation on the most disastrous course in the country’s history?

Sadly, no.

Why is that? It’s because those entities’ political allegiance lies with National Security State, not United States.

If you want to live, you will listen to me and you will ignore everything that you see in the papers, on television, and everything out of the mouth of the executive branch of the “United States” Government. (I do not generally point out individual personalities, but I will take the time to warn you about Glenn Beck. There is something distinctly wrong with that man. His show has got neuro linguistic programming in it. He’s a snake. He’s a liar. He is a well compensated disinformation agent of the enemy. His job is to mislead patriots. That man is a psychopath and I can tell that just by looking in his eyes.)

If you do not want to live, you will take the bait when some among you get shot or bombed, and you will attack gun owners and patriots and veterans, the precise groups that National Security State will point a finger at when National Security State shoots you and bombs you.

You listen real closely: If you unwisely choose to participate in National Security State’s war on that private component of the constabular forces, gun owners and veterans; if you unwisely choose to SWAT-Team the homes of gun owners and veterans and arrest them in the middle of the night; if you unwisely choose to align yourselves with National Security State, the American people will methodically track down and execute each and every last one of you, and they will do it with total moral righteousness and moral propriety, as it will be a clear case of self defense. Gun owners and veterans are too smart to go to the internment camps willingly. If you invite them to do so, they will terminate you without a second thought. And they’ll sleep like a baby, as they will have every right to do.

Let me state that again: If you unwisely choose to take the bait and you act offensively against gun owners and veterans, those gun owners and veterans will exterminate you. There are some four hundred million fully functioning, modern firearms in this country, and probably a hundred million people willing to use them.

You have zero chance of prevailing against gun owners and veterans. Do not take the bait. If you start a war with them, they will finish it. If you unwisely throw down with gun owners and veterans, it will be open season on cops everywhere, which is precisely what National Security State wants. Do you see the game?

The American people are slow to anger. But if you threaten them, if you push hard enough, the orgy of blood will not cease until each and every last law enforcement officer in my audience has been knelt down on the sidewalk and executed.

That is what happens in a civil war. So why the tears? If you are wise, you will see to it that National Security State is unsuccessful in sparking that civil war.

But National Security State is going to dangle the bait anyway. It is a one hundred percent certainty that you will see many more shootings and bombings, directed at public sector cops, all to be blamed on the private sector cops, which are gun owners and veterans.

The wheels of justice in this nation are humming right along, thanks to certain national treasures, including me. I have predicted for some number of years that National Security State would “flip the chess board over” and storm off rather than lose the game. I have predicted for some number of years that National Security State would instigate the chaos of a civil war rather than stand trial for 9-11.

I have warned you for years that a civil war was brewing in this country. You now know the players, you know their playbook, and you know the score.

The civil war is here. It will play out. I don’t think it can be stopped.

We’re at war, ladies and gentlemen. Conduct yourselves accordingly.

You have your orders and your caveats. Pack up your things and ship out.


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