Las Vegas shooters had expressed anti-government views, prepared for ‘lengthy gun battle’

The shooters who killed a pair of police officers and a bystander who wanted to stop them on Sunday in Las Vegas had expressed anti-government views, an ideology police pointed to as they work to officially determine a motive in the violent episode.

“There is no doubt that the suspects have an ideology that’s along the lines of militia and white supremacists,” said Kevin C. McMahill, assistant sheriff of Clark County, during a news conference Monday.

It hits all the bases, doesn’t it? Anti-government, white supremacist, Gadsden flag, Cliven Bundy, sovereign citizens, pinning notes of “revolution” to a corpse. And the cherry on top is that the Southern Poverty Law Center makes a cameo appearance in the drama.

One: Find the FBI involvement in this case. Where you find the SPLC, you will find the FBI, just like in the Oklahoma City Bombing and Elohim City.

Two: Was he under psychiatric care? If so, does his shrink have any governmental connections? I would test the shooter’s blood for psychiatric drugs.

Working hypothesis: Since this all fits so very, very neatly with Little Eric Holder’s helpful warnings to state and local cops that gun owners and patriots will be shooting them and bombing their station houses, I can already smell the FBI hiding just around the corner, directing the whole thing, just like they’ve directed every other fake terrorist over the past decade (while studiously ignoring that incompatible engine hardware on the street.)

This is way too pat, way too delicious of a little morsel of propaganda excellence. I bet you the FBI instigated the whole thing.

But the one thing I do know is this: National Security State has officially kicked off the hot war against the one remaining constabulary attempting to defend United States, and that is state and local cops and gun owners. National Security State is now dividing and conquering that constabulary.

You may rest assured that more cops will be shot and bombed. And I guarantee you that the FBI will be behind all of those incidents, a patsy at the ready for each incident.

2014 starts the years of violence in this country. You mark my words.


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