Here is a training session for state and local cops. (The feds are still off at Fold and Stow, learning how to do basic police work.)

Fact Number One: Eric Holder is all worked up about domestic terriss and extremiss.

The Justice Department is resurrecting a program designed to thwart domestic threats to the United States, and Attorney General Eric Holder says those threats include individuals the government deems anti-government or racially prejudiced.

The Domestic Terrorism Executive Committee was created in the wake of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing but was scrapped soon after the 2001 terrorist attacks as intelligence and law enforcement officials shifted their focus to threats from outside the country. The committee will be comprised of figures from the FBI, the National Security Division of the Justice Department and the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee.

In his statement announcing the return of the committee, Holder said he remains concerned about the specter of attacks prompted by Islamic extremists, but he said this committee will be tasked with identifying other threats.

“We must also concern ourselves with the continued danger we face from individuals within our own borders who may be motivated by a variety of other causes from anti-government animus to racial prejudice,” Holder said.

Knowing what you now know about that compressor and thus that 9-11 didn’t go down quite as advertised, and considering that the feds have done absolutely nothing to catch the bad men who put that incompatible engine hardware on Murray Street, would you trust that idiot jurisdiction to sweep the streets? Would you trust that idiot jurisdiction to promulgate training materials?

No rational person would permit his understanding of law enforcement methods to be influenced by the thoughts of an idiot jurisdiction that, obviously, either is completely incompetent or completely corrupt. Which is it? Which is worse?

So why is Little Eric Holder so very concerned about helpfully helping you to know who your new enemy is? It’s because Little Eric Holder doesn’t want to go to prison. And he doesn’t want his little boyfriend, Barack Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, aka Harrison J Bounel, to go to prison either. Their little commie plans would be foiled. Their every political and social adventure would fail.

And how is it that Little Eric Holder would even possess the moral authority to presume to train you on who the terriss are? As improperly redacted documents regarding the Oklahoma City bombing now demonstrate, Little Eric Holder appears to be as crooked as they come. Little Eric Holder played an active role in covering up the FBI’s and the ATF’s execution of the bombing.

Leaked DOJ memos shed new light on the role of Barack Obama’s Attorney General nominee Eric Holder in the cover-up of the death of Kenneth Michael Trentadue, who was tortured to death by FBI agents after they confused him with one of Timothy McVeigh’s accomplices in the Oklahoma City bombing.

Kenneth Michael Trentadue’s brother, Jesse Trentadue, has embarked on a fearless campaign to uncover the truth behind his brother’s death, and the evidence that he has gathered in the process clearly indicates that the FBI have been killing witnesses who have direct knowledge of the fact that the Oklahoma City bombing could not have gone ahead without the aid of FBI informants and that the government had prior knowledge of the attack on the Alfred P. Murrah building at least four months in advance.

During Trentadue’s previous appearances on the Alex Jones Show, he outlined the history of the case and the progress of his attempts to get answers in court.

“I didn’t start out to solve the Oklahoma City bombing, I started out to find out who killed my brother and why,” Jesse Trentadue told the Alex Jones Show in February 2007.

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

In January 1996, Trentadue received an anonymous phone call telling him that his brother Kenneth had been murdered by the FBI in a case of mistaken identity because his brother had fit the profile of a member of a group called the Midwest Bank Robbery Gang that had been robbing banks to fund an attack on the federal government.

“Of course I dismissed it, I thought it was far fetched, unbelievable,” said Trentadue, who said he ignored it until months later when he read a story in the L.A. Times about a man named Richard Lee Guthrie, also a member of the robbery gang, who was found hanging in his cell while in federal custody a day before he was due to give a confessional interview about the Oklahoma City bombing.

“Shortly before he was executed I received a message from Timothy McVeigh who told me that when he saw my brother’s photograph and heard what happened to him, he knew the FBI had killed my brother because they mistook him from Richard Lee Guthrie.”

Trentadue said he believes Guthrie was John Doe 2, McVeigh’s accomplice in carrying out the attack on the Alfred P. Murrah building and an individual seen by multiple eyewitnesses yet omitted from the official story by the authorities. Guthrie and Kenneth Trentadue’s physical description and movements were exactly the same, right down to the dragon tattoo on each’s left forearm.

Jesse Trentadue stands in front of a portrait of his brother Kenneth who Trentadue claims was murdered by the FBI because he was mistaken with OKC bombing conspirator Richard Lee Guthrie.

Kenneth Trentadue’s autopsy photos clearly betray signs of a violent beating and torture as the cause of his death. The official explanation of suicide is completely inconsistent with the physical evidence.

“I didn’t start out to solve the bombing, I started out to find the men who killed my brother,” said Trentadue, “but every trail has taken me back to the bombing.”

This is what led Trentadue to file a lawsuit in Utah ordering the FBI to release all documents relating to a failed sting operation they were running at a white supremacist paramilitary training camp in Elohim City, eastern Oklahoma, and its connection to the bombing on April 19 1995.

In being given unprecedented access to speak to McVeigh’s accused co-conspirator Terry Nichols, Trentadue was able to discover that, according to Nichols, Attorney General’s Ashcroft’s office gagged Nichols from speaking to the media after it became apparent that McVeigh’s accomplices and government ties to the bombing were in danger of leaking.

“Apparently before he had contacted me several years ago he had written to Attorney General Ashcroft, volunteering to tell everything about the bombing and the others involved,” said Trentadue.

“Not only did no one from Attorney General Ashcroft’s office follow up with Nichols, they actually apparently issued an order barring him from all contact with the media – it was thereafter that he reached out to me and I was able to get in to see him to spend a day and half with him.”

During the process of his lawsuit, Trentadue was able to receive documents with names blacked out that show the FBI’s OKC bombing informants were conducting armed robberies with Timothy McVeigh in order to fund the construction of the fertilizer bomb used in the attack on the federal building.

“One of the foreign informants was actually the explosives instructor who taught him how to make the bomb,” said Trentadue, confirming that Nichols told him the criminal activities were part of a process of creating a ledger or a storyboard to which the government’s version of events could later be pinned to.

The documents also show that McVeigh called Elohim City two days before the bombing asking for help. Four months before the bombing, an FBI informant told his superiors of the attack plan and said that the Alfred P. Murrah building had been scouted.

Trentadue said that Nichols is desperate to tell his story, but cannot yet go into full detail because of the court order that sealed the affidavit. He stated that he is surprised Nichols is still alive considering the amount of suspicious deaths that have occurred as a result of the cover-up. Trentadue’s own insurance policy was that he immediately went public with any information he uncovered.

Trentadue questions why the government is so keen on preventing Nichols from being deposed if all he wants to do is tell the truth. Nichols himself would have nothing to gain from doing so apart from to put his own conscience at ease, which is precisely what Nichols told Trentadue he would like to do.

Terry Nichols

Trentadue said that the only way Nichols’ story will ever get out is if a videotaped deposition is allowed.

“You cannot tell that whole story in a declaration,” said Trentadue, adding that the more important information was contained in documents attached to the affidavit, most of which were from the FBI and Tim McVeigh’s defense team.

“The accusations that I have made against the FBI are that they set up this operation, that they had informants who robbed banks with McVeigh to fund the attacks, that they had an informant who was the explosives instructor who taught them how to make the bomb and it got away from them – they have not once denied those accusations, they have just begged this federal judge not to order the release of the documents,” the attorney concluded.

The new twist to the story revolves around Trentadue obtaining leaked DOJ memos that indicate a flurry of activity around how to handle the cover-up of the death of his brother. A key player in the cover-up was Eric Holder, who earlier this week was named by President elect Barack Obama as the nominee to become Attorney General in January subject to confirmation.

“They’re Department of Justice memos, they’re actually e mails, and they’re talking about Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder and what he has to do to keep the lid on this story,” said Trentadue, adding that the memos make it clear than an attempt to deflect press attention is the goal, along with claiming that the investigation is ongoing in order to keep everything secret.

“This was a coordinated cover-up run at the highest levels of justice and out of the White House,” said Trentadue, noting that the memos refer to the cover-up as “The Trentadue Mission” and use terms like “The Invasion of Normandy” to illustrate the scale of the operation.

“You have to ask yourself, why would the death of one little person, which they claim was a suicide by hanging, generate this kind of activity at the highest levels of the Clinton/Reno Justice Department, the answer is….they knew this murder, if investigated, would lead to the Oklahoma City Bombing and lead to the fact that the Department of Justice, through the FBI and ATF informants, was involved and this occurred just before the re-election of Bill Clinton in 1996,” said Trentadue.

“Mr. Holder’s job was to cover-up my brother’s murder, basically to stop all inquiry,” said Trentadue, saying the e mails were “inflammatory,” referring as they do to “Trentadue’s and Trentadon’ts”.

“Holder’s job was to stop the Democrats and Republicans from looking into this….you have to ask yourself why the Deputy Attorney General of the United States in involved in covering up the death of an inmate and the answer’s simple, they knew that death if investigated would lead back to the bombing, it would lead back to the government’s knowledge and involvement,” said Trentadue, adding that the release of the information would have been a disaster for the re-election hopes of Bill Clinton in 1996.

Trentadue also revealed that a witness to his brother’s torture and murder was set to give evidence in court but was also found hanged in another alleged “suicide”.

Trentadue said that the media has refused to adequately cover the story and that he has faced recriminations on behalf of government operatives who falsely accused him of bribing witnesses and went to great lengths to try and get any dirt on and harass his family.

“They’ve just made our lives hell for thirteen years,” concluded Trentadue.

Trentadue is now offering a $250,000 reward for information leading to the apprehension of the FBI agents who tortured his brother to death. Further information, along with more details about the murder of Kenneth Michael Trentadue, can be found at


Eric Holder is a commie. That means that he belongs to a fraternity of egghead college grads who think they know better than everyone else. That fraternity, which includes Barack Obama and the rest of the weirdos in his administration, also includes the Weather Underground and Bill Ayers, and whose playbook is Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”

These commie weirdos fully plan to put their political adversaries into internment camps, the camps first built under the REX-84 contingency plan during the 80’s, and which include today’s FEMA camps.

That commie Obama administration, if they feel that their grand political plans are in danger of failing, will pull the pin. “Pulling the pin” means they will kick off the violent revolution always advocated by the commie known as Bill Ayers, in whose living room Barack Obama himself claims to have launched his political career.

These commies in that federal jurisdiction will bomb your station houses. Guaranteed. This is because they want to turn the state and local cops against your natural allies, veterans and gun owners.

Commies absolutely cannot stand the fact that the average person can own a gun. Commies are control freaks and it incenses them to no end that the common people retain the armaments to comprise their own fundamental constabulary.

Commies absolutely despise the existence of any other constabulary. Why is that? It’s because they don’t want to go to prison.

Eric Holder despises the private ownership of firearms for precisely this reason. One, he is a criminal, as I have just demonstrated to you and, two, he doesn’t think that the people know how to govern themselves quite as well as he and his fellow egghead commie buddies can govern them. Why, here is a video of Little Eric Holder giving a speech to, presumably, some aspiring little commies about how “we need to brainwash people” into giving up their guns.

I’m sorry; I was not aware that government employees were to get thoughts into their heads. I thought that executive branch employees were tasked with executing the law. He apparently is an adherent of the Barack Obama School of “I’m Gonna Get a Thought Into My Head Now Instead of Executing the Law as I Am Tasked to Do.”

You’re not going to want to overly concern yourselves with training materials  promulgated by the world’s premiere idiot jurisdiction that is also infested with criminal little commies like Eric Holder.

There are two groups of people in this country who will be arresting feds and righting that listing federal jurisdiction: state and local cops, and veterans.

That is why Little Eric Holder very badly needs you to believe that veterans and gun owners are the new terriss.

Ignore him.


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