» Feinstein and Boxer Introduce Bill to Rat Out a Family Member with a Firearm Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for yo…

California Democrat Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer are exploiting the Isla Vista shooting in a new bid to confiscate firearms from American citizens.

The Pause for Safety Act will allow “families and others” to seek a “gun violence prevention order” in court. The order will allow police to confiscate firearms from people who have not committed a crime and may not necessarily pose a threat.

“It is haunting to me that the family of the gunman was desperate to prevent an act of violence and alerted police, but they were still unable to stop this tragedy,” Senator Boxer said in a press release posted on her Senate web page. “When the people who know someone best fear there is a threat of violence, they should be able to go to court – with due process for everyone involved – to help prevent a tragedy.”


Yeah. The most murderous jurisdiction the modern world has known –what with laying waste to nation after nation over the past thirteen years, killing millions in the process, all while not remotely apprehending those who deposited incompatible engine hardware on Murray Street– and the jurisdiction’s all choked up now about all the violence around here.

This proposed “gun violence prevention order” will turn into another restraining order, where anyone who looks at someone crosseyed gets slapped with a restraining order. Does your cheating wife suspect that you’ll divorce her and take the kids? Well, she’s gonna beat you to the punch and petition for a restraining order because, uh, she’s such in fear for her safety.

And she’ll get a restraining order because if the judge fails to give her one, the judge opens himself up to legal and/or political trouble later if anything untoward happens.

I guarantee you that this “gun violence prevention order” will morph into an instrument of vindictiveness. Don’t like your neighbor? Don’t like your father in law? Just wring your hands and put on a concerned face and tell the feds that you, uh, fear that he may turn violent. And then the storm troopers can kick in his door at three in the morning and lob a flash bang into the bassinet and cook up your baby for you. See? Everyone’s safe now. All based on information that may or may not have any merit whatsoever.

Those two vultures, Feinstein and Boxer, far from being all choked up about the violence, I guarantee you that their dead eyes regain a glimmer of life and they perk up at the thought of chasing whatever latest ambulance, and exploiting whatever latest tragedy for their political objectives, which we know to be distinctly anti-freedom and anti-gun.

That town psychopath of a jurisdiction doesn’t possess the first iota of moral authority when it comes to declaiming upon the matter of gun violence.

That trashdiction itself needs to be slapped with a gun violence prevention order.


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