Google will flag up search results deleted at request of embarrassed subjects after European court ruling | Mail Online

Google could place ‘flags’ on search results to show it has hidden links to embarrassing information following the European Court’s controversial ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling.

Under the plans, an alert would appear at the bottom of a page of search results telling internet users in Europe whether certain links had been deleted


Huh. Maybe Google can put a flag on the search results for the Capta Brightstick Document, indicating that this “embarrassing information” had been deleted at the request of the White House.

It’s up, it’s down; last I knew, it was searchable.

The Capta Brightstick Document is so titled because I desired to name it something unique that is known as a “Google Nope,” as in, “Nope; no results.”

So before titling the document, I just invented the phrase “Capta Brightstick” and searched for it, to ensure that it returned no results. It was a Google Nope. I titled the document accordingly and published it.

Within five minutes, the document was returned as a Capta Brightstick search result. It was searchable, just like all my other material.

Then some period of time later, some days or weeks, I searched for it again. No results.

Google had disappeared the document.

Then about a year ago I challenged Google by inviting my audience to search for two search terms: Capta Brightstick and some other Google Nope that I had invented for the purpose of the challenge. Both search terms were contained within that same post. I invited my audience to note that the new, innocuous Google Nope would return the very post they were reading, but that the Capta Brightstick search term would not return the very document they were reading.

Within five minutes, the Capta Brightstick term was searchable again, indicating that the NSA sits in on my show by the minute.

Do not ever disappear that document again.


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