FLASH FLASH FLASH: I’ve figured out the Bergdahl mystery.

We know that he deserted. We know that he even left a note. And we know that his command knew this because reports from his fellow unit members now tell us that they had orders to shoot Bergdahl on sight. They weren’t trying to rescue him. They were trying to kill him.

The Obama Administration would know this. They knew he would make the exact wrong poster child. They knew they would have to break the law. They knew they’d have to trade five Taliban leaders to get a deserter.

With all that political downside, where was the planned political upside? That I could not understand. But now I do.

Bergdahl is being held incommunicado ostensibly to helpfully help him, to give him the finest care available. But why the change of heart? Why now the tender, lovin’ care for a guy they were actively trying to kill five years ago?

It’s because they now find him useful. They have a little plan for him. They are brainwashing him. They’ve got him drugged up and they are methodically wiping his mind and replacing it with one of their own design.

And that is why his family have not yet been reunited with him. That way, when Bergdahl comes home all screwed up, the Pentagon can blame it on the Taliban.

So in a few days, the freakshow called the Obama administration can cry their crocodile tears about how they only recently discovered that Bergdahl was a bad man and –lo!– he now hates America and he was collaborating with the Taliban, and the freakshow administration can then roll out their initiative to disarm and intern “disgruntled” veterans.

Bergdahl, a known deserter and Taliban sympathizer, will be used to characterize all “disgruntled” veterans as anti-American bombers of police stations.

This squares perfectly with Holder’s recent initiative to classify military veterans as domestic terriss and extremiss.

See, Obama and Holder are big-time criminals. Bless his heart problems, but Holder is about as crooked as they come. You can search for it and you will find his complicity in covering up the FBI and ATF execution of the Oklahoma City Bombing. Mister Holder is an accessory to mass murder. He knows that.

The term “disgruntled veteran” is a bit of a misnomer. What the Justice Department really means to say is that veterans are the group most likely to arrest Holder and Obama and put them on trial.

Holder and Obama fear veterans, and for good reason. That is why the completely discredited Justice Department continues apace polluting the minds of local and state law enforcement with their bogus training materials that say that veterans will be bombing police stations.

It’s not that Holder and Obama care in the slightest about the safety of the state and local cops. It’s that they don’t want to go to prison.

So the operation is this: Bergdahl, his mind completely wrecked by federal brainwashing while held incommunicado, will emerge as the poster child for the new federal initiative to disarm and round up “disgruntled” veterans. The freakshow administration will deftly transfer Bergdahl’s sins onto the broader community of veterans, those who, no doubt about it, will be arresting these anti-American commies in Washington like Holder and Obama.

Ta da. There’s the hitherto unseen political upside and the ultimate goal.

I may safely predict that Bergdahl will emerge soon and he will state some variant of the following: “I am a disgruntled veteran and bad man just like (insert name; I suggest “Chris King”) and I am the new face of the American Taliban. If anyone doesn’t like the pure criminality in Washington, it’s only because they’re a dishonorable, deserting, anti-American scumbag like me. It’s now safe to round up veterans, lest Barack Obama and Eric Holder go straight to prison for a very long time.”


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