Prison » Pro-Obama Harvard Professor: President ‘Clearly Broke The Law’ With Gitmo Prisoner Transfer

Liberal Harvard professor and CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin turned on the president Monday, telling a surprised Wolf Blitzer that Preident Barack Obama “clearly broke the law” by failing to provide Congress 30-days notice before releasing five high-level Taliban prisoners from the Guantanamo Bay detention facility.

“You’ve looked at the law, you’ve looked at the signing statement, you’ve gone through it,” Blitzer asked Toobin. “Did the president break the law?

“Oh, I think he clearly broke the law,” Toobin replied. “The law says 30 days’ notice. He didn’t give 30 days’ notice.”

“Now it’s true he issued a signing statement,” the law professor continued, “but signing statements are not law– it’s the president’s opinion about what the law should mean. Now, it may be that the law is unconstitutional, a violation of his power as commander-in-chief, but no court has held that. The law is on the books and he didn’t follow it.”

I sometimes almost think that Mister Obama’s banker owners are now so convinced of his total uselessness, as the damaged goods that he is, that they’re instructing Mister Obama’s handlers to set him up.

So we’ve got a kid who deserted his unit and caused six guys to get killed searching for him. And Obama thinks it’s a bright idea both to violate United States law and to overturn a long-standing doctrine against “negotiating with terrorists” by trading Gitmo prisoners for a deserter?

A signing statement is not law. A signing statement is the executive branch’s attempt at a simulacrum of law. Big difference. A signing statement attempts to deliver legal indemnification to those executive branch employees who may elect to go along with presidential decrees which may or may not be lawful. Big difference.

Either that idiot jurisdiction would see its laws observed or not. Which is it?

I wipe my ass with United States law because it is fashionable to do so. It’s a dead jurisdiction, and only a sap would suffer the competitive disadvantage that comes with following rules that no one else follows.

So if that idiot jurisdiction is bright, you’ll want to remove that lawless fool from office as soon as possible, before everyone begins to forget that the United States “government” ever existed at all.

Yeah. I’m pretty certain of it. The bankers who govern your nation want Obama gone. And they set him up with a real stinker of a brainchild, one that not even Democrats can defend: breaking the law to trade Gitmo prisoners for a deserter.

It’s like these bankers said, “Okay. This is all everyone needs to get this idiot out of office. We want him gone as much you all do. For once, our interests are congruent.”

It really comes down to this: Does that crack whore of a “jurisdiction” want its laws followed or not? We’re all ears.

By precisely what moral authority would that piece of trash demand obedience from anyone?

It’s Gasbagdiction United States. Fulla hot air that people had been conned into thinking was what is known in the biz as “law.”

I just keep going on and on: I seem to recall a movie with Robin Williams in it. I seem to recall that he played a mental patient who had escaped from the psych ward on another floor of the hospital, and he had grabbed a doctor’s lab coat and passed himself off as a doctor and was administering exams to patients until the orderlies tracked him down and they cocked their heads and clucked their disapproval at the little scamp who had been up to his harmless pranks. “Now, Walter, you come with us. Sorry about the pap smear, ma’am,” and they dragged him back downstairs to the psych ward.

United States isn’t actually a jurisdiction, is it? It’s just an escaped mental patient, isn’t it? Well don’t I feel embarrassed now?


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