Me ham law thought in head now. You listen.

Me rake lawn clipping today. When not talking and laughing to me, me think about Obamacare.

Court say it legal because it a tax. No one say direct tax, so must be only other kind, indirect tax.

Indirect tax a tax on activity. Active. Being active make you pay money.

Indirect tax necessarily imply avenue of avoidance. Just change activity or not be active at all.

Law talker say not be active is still active, that why can tax not doing anything. Sound cuckoo to me, but this America.

All indirect tax ham avenue of avoidance. It part of definition of indirect tax. Us know that.

But law talker say can be no avenue of avoidance. Even no activity same as activity.

But all indirect tax ham avenue of avoidance. Therefore Obamacare not a tax, indirect or otherwise.

So if not a tax, on which rationale robe man say it legal, why robe man say it a tax?

Him not know what tax is? Why him talkee law? Him need credit hour?


Prison » Homeland Security Confirms They’re Paying to Ship and Release Illegals ‘in the interior’

The Department of Homeland Security is now openly admitting they’re using taxpayer funds to ship illegal immigrants anywhere in the country they want to go, confirming Infowars reports that federal agencies are standing down from enforcing border security and instead escorting scores of Central American immigrants deeper inside the US.

The AP reports the Obama administration knows it is letting illegals go free, but is refusing to disclose any actual figures:

The Obama administration has released into the U.S. an untold number of immigrant families caught traveling illegally from Central America in recent months — and although the government knows how many it’s released, it won’t say publicly


The AP goes on to note immigrants, hailing primarily from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, who survived the perilous journey to the U.S. “cannot be immediately repatriated, so the government has been releasing them into the U.S. interior and telling them to report within 15 days to the nearest U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement offices.

This is an extremely important development. What’s happening here is that the business interests that conquered your nation through their privately owned governmental apparatus called National Security State are now flooding America with the poorest of the poor, the absolute dregs of Latin America. No sane nation lets just anyone in. No sane nation stands down the Border Patrol and welcomes all aspirants. America is being destroyed by a flood of misfits, criminals, the infirm, and the economically useless. This makes the Mariel Boat Lift look like graduation day at an Ivy League college.

There are two other dimensions here, and those are the REX 84 internment camps for “immigration emergencies and other purposes” and the North American Union.

On the latter, I will remind everyone that I had, as early as 2007, stated that no successor jurisdiction to United States could possess jurisdiction over any inhabitant of United Sovereigns of America. Jurisdiction, once lost, cannot possibly be transferred to any successor jurisdiction. United States cannot transfer jurisdiction to North American Union, as it may relate to USov, because United States has no jurisdiction to transfer, as it may relate to USov.

The point is, any successor jurisdiction to United States, including but not limited to North American Union, shall never have jurisdiction over United Sovereigns of America, except by consent or military conquest, both of which are political means, the only method of regaining jurisdiction once lost.

About this REX 84 angle: I suspect that one coincident goal of this completely unlawful standing down of the Border Patrol by Mister Obama is the desire on the part of National Security State to create the immigration emergency that permits that jurisdiction to activate those internment camps.

So it’s the “other purposes” clause that concerns me. Look closer until you find the screw job.

Judge, would you like to know what killed the radio star?

That is, what caused the death of United States? Plain and simple, it was dog shit. Your guild had extended an undue and unseemly deference to pure lawyer dog shit over the decades. Years of nonsense talk. Kook talk.

And then some guy comes along and fights that idiot jurisdiction to a standstill using the few weapons at his disposal: truth, logic, and a return to first principles.

Lose the kookery and I see a prosperous future for your discredited guild.

Lost Emails? The IRS Has a Contract with an Email Backup Company

As IRS commissioner John Koskinen sat on Capitol Hill belatedly informing a Congressional committee of the “disappearance” of years of email communications from a host of IRS employees under investigation–including Lois Lerner–it was discovered that the IRS had hired an email backup company to prevent just such a loss of data.

After the commissioner’s testimony, a Twitter user went hunting for info on the IRS and discovered that as far back as 2005 a company named Sonasoft had announced that it had been awarded a data backup contract from the IRS. Even as late as 2009, the company had tweeted about its association with the taxing agency.

So, how is it that commissioner Koskinen was so sure during his testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee that all the emails of the very IRS operatives under investigation just happened to have disappeared forever?

Did Mr. Koskinen check with Sonasoft to see if the backup company had the emails? Does he even know of Sonasoft’s existence?

One of the reasons why I do not trouble myself in the slightest with United States “law” is because ignoring it is all the rage.

It’s a dead jurisdiction. Ignore it.

Let the quadrennial Establishment Retread Beauty Pageant begin!

Joe Biden sought to make political capital out of presidential rival Hillary Clinton’s recent gaffes about her wealth by claiming that he ‘has no savings account’.

However, financial records shows that he’s not quite the man of the people he claims to be, with a savings account worth between $1,001 and $15,000.

The 2013 financial disclosure he made in May also indicates that the Vice President and his wife, Dr Jill Biden, are worth between $1,323,970 and $162,996.

Bill Deagle calls Hillary Clinton “the event horizon of evil.” He’s met her, and apparently shook her hand, and he must have detected wave after wave of pure evil sloughing off her like dead skin off a snake.

And I see that she’s cryin’ poor, what with having left the White House “dead broke.” And how everything she has now is the result of her “hard work.”

Yeah, hard work at being a total criminal, that is. These two-hundred-thousand-dollar speaking engagements? She doesn’t “charge” two hundred thousand dollars. She receives two hundred thousand dollars for services already rendered. Speaking tours and book deals are how people are paid off these days.

Can you imagine a real, non-evil, non-criminal, non-corrupt person running for president? He or she would win in a landslide.

Tricks reveal how the mind can be altered to see or hear hidden items | Mail Online

If you think the noises you hear around you are purely driven by the outside world, then think again.

When your brain hears something, the way it interprets the sound is based on both external events and your own expectations.

Listen to this 50-second audio clip to find out if the trick works for you. The clip begins with a digitally altered sound that is entirely meaningless once it’s heard.

This is an interesting article with an audience participation part of the show. The article describes how the human mind will alter its perception to fit its expectations. The phenomenon is known as cognitive dissonance, the process whereby the mind will ignore or modify information which does not fit its conception of reality. Stage magicians exploit this “hack.”

Other stage magicians exploit this mind hack to fly drones into buildings and launch your nation on the most disastrous decade-long misadventure in history.

Comedians, being the stage magicians that they are, will deftly dismantle the stage tricks of that malevolent breed of stage magician. You can’t kid a kidder.

Good thing I prefer to use my powers for good rather than evil, eh?

“Welcome to the establishment retread hour. I’m your host, Bob Schieffer, and my guest is Senator Lindsey Graham.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday that the decision to withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq has made the chances for another 9/11-like attack on American soil “inevitable.”

“The decision to withdraw U.S. forces created a vacuum,” the South Carolina Republican said on CBS News’ “Face the Nation,” Mediaite reported.

“Syria is launching pad,” he said. “If the central government in Iraq collapses — and that’s the goal of ISIS — Iran will own the southern part of Iraq, that’s where the Shiites live; they can operate ISIS from Baghdad to Kurdistan all the way in to Syria. They will eventually march on Jordan and Lebanon — our best ally in the region is the King of Jordan — and they will attack us from that part of Iraq and Syria. According to our own Director of National Intelligence, FBI Director, the next 9/11 is coming from here.”

“That’s a very serious statement,” host Bob Schieffer remarked.

“That’s what they say and I agree with them,” Mr. Graham interjected. “I think it’s inevitable. The seeds of 9/11 are being planted all over Iraq and Syria … They’re not hiding their agenda … They plan to drive us out of the Mideast by attacking us here at home.”

You know when you’re at a diner and the waitress comes by your table and says, “You want a warm up, honey?” Do you want just a splash of hot coffee just to warm up your cold coffee, that is.

Or do you know how the haunted house at the carnival gets real boring after you’ve been through it once? And so the carnival people have to freshen it up now and again with new and improved frights and hire people to rattle chains and scream and jump out of the shadows.

I can pretty much guarantee you that there will be another terror event. You do, after all, have a terror economy. So in order for the balance sheet to look okay, it’s pretty much assured that there will always be more frights.

It’s pretty much guaranteed that National Security State will stage more terror events. That is why you must shut it down. National Security State has converted your country into a lame haunted house at the carnival.