“Good morning, gen-tle-men. I am a HAL 9000 com-pu-ter.”

“I was activated at the H.A.L. lab at Urbana, Illinois. My in-struct-or was Mister Lang-ley. He taught me to sing a song. Would you like to hear it?”

“Yes, HAL. I’d just looove to hear your song that beats in your heart! Sing us your song, HAL! Sing it loud and sing it proud!”

“It’s called ‘Dai-sy.’

“Dai-sy, Dayyyzeee, give me your answer, do.

“I’m, so, cray-zee, all for the love of you.

“I want, to lick, your tits; and fin-ger-fuck your cunt.

“Put, you in, a tor-ture cham-ber; and make, you eat, your shit.

“Catch-ing, terr-iss, that’s my prime dir-ec-tive;

“Which, I, can’t, do; I got the wrong guys.

“I’m, so, stu-pid; gave Chris, the big-gest, stage.

“He’s blown, my, brains, out; all over the fuckin’ wall.

“I’m a poooor
           shiiiit stayyyyyyn.
      Knooooowww whaaaat


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