If there is one thing in this world I cannot stand, it is a superpatriot.

I remember when I worked at the gas station about eight years ago. I was by then exercising my natural right to travel and driving with my own United Sovereigns of America plate on my car, as I am perfectly free to do.

That was not the crime, though. My main crime was parking in the handicapped parking spot at the gas station.

One of the local superpatriots (who had never even served in the military) got upset with me that I had parked in his spot. And he never liked me anyway because he thought I was somehow getting away with something by standing on my natural right to travel.

This country was founded by those who stood on their natural rights. Only in modern Idiot Nation USA has the exercise of natural rights been characterized as terrism. The only reason you do not now reside in a land more closely resembling North Korea is because of the efforts of those who defended their natural rights against all who would take them.

So anyway, our little superpatriot, who spent his days drinking the Fox News Kool-Aid, and who believed in terris and probably space aliens, ran off in a huff when I refused to move my car out of “his” parking spot. He drove to the local State Police barracks and completely fabricated a story about how I had confided in him that I had explosives in my house and that I intended to bomb police stations.

The State Police knew this idiot to be the idiot that he was and nothing came of it. But that man is quite lucky that I did not sue him and transfer his property to me.

Ninety-five percent of the fat, flag-wavin’ superpatriots in this country would wet themselves and cry and curl up in a ball in the corner if they even once had to contend with the enemies of this nation that I tangle with every single day.


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