Prison » Tech companies: FBI ‘gag orders’ violate Constitution

Four tech companies claim that the FBI is ignoring their First Amendment rights by barring them from revealing what types of information they turn over to the government.

In court documents unsealed on Friday, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Facebook claimed that the national security letter (NSL) orders are a “prohibition on speech [that] violates the First Amendment.”

There is a very easy solution to the intransigence demonstrated by government employees who remain steadfast in their defense of National Security Letters, gag orders regarding certain cable men-turned-national treasures, and whatever other idiocy that crack whore in Washington might cook up in its demented, addled brain.

Just ignore the jurisdiction entirely. Wipe your ass with its idiot laws. Declare the jurisdiction to be a dead, stinking corpse and move on. Step over its carcass on the sidewalk with a perfumed handkerchief pressed to your nose. And when the goofs at that jurisdiction see that their intransigence threatens the attainment of their highest moral aspiration in this world, a pension, you’d be surprised how quickly they come to see the virtue in following the law.

Politics is not reason. It is leverage. If you would see the law followed, threaten the “government” with nothing short of total jurisdictional death.

It’s a shit heap. Ignore it and its idiot National Security Letters. A million tippy-top secret National Security Letters later and not a single terris apprehended.

That trash heap needs to be kicked back into the gutter like the ten-dollar hooker that it is.


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