In your dealings with the State of Vermont, I would ask that you verify that their computers indicate that I do not now have, nor have I ever had, a driver’s license (whatever it may be called these days, perhaps an “operator’s license.”)

I can predict that the State of Vermont, in an effort to protect the integrity of their towering spire of a licensure system, will deftly simply reinstate a previous driver’s license and make their computer systems indicate that I have a license and that it is in order.

Uh uh. Not good enough. 

I want that jurisdiction to legally recognize that I routinely conduct my personal conveyance along the public thoroughfares and that I do it pursuant to my natural right to travel, not pursuant to some secret, wink-wink license.

And I want written confirmation of that jurisdiction’s acknowledgment that I am not required to possess a driver’s license, vehicle registration, vehicle inspection, or insurance. I need that piece of paper so that I may present it to agents of the state should I be asked to show a driver’s license. And I need it so that I may present it to insurance companies as I continue to attempt to purchase liability insurance.

It’s called “claw back.” This nation has seen a smash-and-grab of the people’s rights over the past decade, all in service to lies and fraud. Well, I am taking them back, one right at a time.










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